I met Tony Johnson!!!

In a complete twist of gate, I got a chance to meet Tony Johnson. He lives in central Ohio and his daughter's team plays in the same softball league as my daughter's team. His wife actually noticed me first, and initiated the conversation first. We chatted for a second after the games, and she said "we're Penn State fans, and my husband is Tony Johnson"... It took me a second, but didn't really sink in what she said. I went to the car, loading up the gear and started thinking about what she said. I then looked up, saw him and his family, and he was flagging me down. I stopped, and rolled down the window. It finally came together, and I let out a big "We Are"!! and he appropriately replied. He was very nice, gracious with his time, and seemed pretty cool. Funny thing he said to me "I saw a 'We Are' shirt, but saw a clover on the hat. No self-respecting PSU fan would wear a Notre Dame hat (it was a black clover/lucky brand hat). Didn't quite get into as much as we wanted (we were blocking traffic with our chit chat) but we play another time, so I'll give a better report after that. I was impressed on how he genuinely seemed interested in my life and story, all 20 seconds of it. Update later in the year! Maybe a backyard barbeque!!! Ok, I've got to hold it together. Later gang.

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