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REPORT: USC and UCLA Planning to Depart PAC-12 to Join Big 10

Well this sure came out of left field.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 20 UCLA at USC Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It looks like we may be returning to the good ol’ days of conference realignment, when there was near daily rumors spreading at a whiplash pace. The latest report could send shockwaves throughout the college football world, and have a huge impact on the Nittany Lions.

Jon Wilner, a respected PAC 12 beat reporter, has reported that both USC and UCLA are planning to leave for the Big Ten. However, it should be noted that this move has yet to be finalized in any capacity. If the change does occur, the Trojans and Bruins could be heading to the Big 10 as early as 2024.

Bruce Feldman of The Athletic, and sideline reporter for FOX, backed up Wilner’s report.

Furthermore, the LA Times has reported that sources state that the move will be for all USC and UCLA sports programs, with the exception of Beach Volleyball (in fairness, the beaches in Iowa, Nebraska, Columbus, etc., don’t quite compare).

During the last round of realignment, the Big Ten expanded its footprint to the west by adding Nebraska, and picked up the New York and DC markets by adding Rutgers and Maryland. This would take the Big Ten to a truly national conference, with relevance in just about all 50 states (we can likely exclude a few states in SEC country, who may not be aware of the existence of the Big Ten or PAC 12).

There should be plenty more news coming out about this potential seismic move. Stay tuned!