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We’re gonna rock down to SWH TWO!

And then we’ll take it higher!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 05 CFP National Championship - Alabama Media Day Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This week’s SWH will be a snapshot one could say into the bits and bobs that interest me in the offseason as we wait for Penn State sports (specifically football) to wake back up.

Welcome, Chop.

Penn State officially welcomes a former five-star defenive end.

The times they are a-changin’

James Franklin is getting honest about the future of college football, and makes it clear Penn State will need to step up its NIL game.

Tennis, anyone?

What can you say except Rafa Nadal is the King of Clay and the greatest clay court tennis player who has ever lived. I have grown up (and older) watching Rafa wipe the floor with the competition at Roland Garros

Question for the audience time, do you think they will name just a court after Nadal when he retires or the entire stadium?

Second question time, has there ever been an athlete PSU or not, professional or amateur who has dominated the way Nadal has so singularly? I know my UConn Women’s Basketball team has done so as a team, but I am curious for individual sport performances. I would love your thoughts on this.

Does Tebow really belong in the College Football Hall of Fame?

I will keep this thought short, though again up for debate. I do not think Tim Tebow belongs in the Hall because he never struck me as that great of a QB. His greatness stemmed from the fact that he had great players surrounding him and he turned their victories into his glories.

College Football Video Game Fans, do we finally have hope?

My only wish for this is that it would be available for PC as I have never owned a console (never could afford one even now) but to have the magic of NCAA Football back in some form will be utterly magical.

One small (maybe selfish?) point of pride here, WOOOHOOOO - My alma mater won the DIII baseball national title! Go Warriors!

Lastly, for my European football fans like myself (Haway the lads!)

This crypto group trying to worm their way into Sunderland’s ownership is a load of trollop. I only pray that KLD and others are able to pour water on this fire before it poisons the club’s current momentum. If stakeholders in SAFC want out that bad so they can roll around in their wealth, fine, but sell your shares to people who are truly reputable and do what is best for the club.