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SWH Five: Time to Thrive!

Wooooo it’s almost the end of June!

NCAA Football: Oregon at UCLA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Fan’s interest in new Nerf logo is nerfed.

‘Murph’ is the name of the new logo/monstrosity/creation from the Nerf corporation. It reminds me of Gritty of Philadelphia Flyer’s fame, only more terrifying and noodlier. The creation of this mascot, a humanoid with nerf darts covering their body leaves me with the following questions for the company.


2. Does it feel with its noodly nerf dart appendages?

3. It does not appear to have eyes or a face, can the creature see, or does it just scent our immeasurable terror using its feelers?

I would appreciate everyone else’s thoughts on my questions.

Big10 Coaches on the Hot Seat

According to this Yahoo article, Scott Frost of Nebraska, Tom Allen of Indiana, and Greg Schiano of Rutgers are already on the hot-seat even though the season hasn’t even played its first game yet. Now, as a fan of college football/the Big10 I can understand Scott Frost being projected to lose his job, Nebby has been ghastly for years and Frost has been a massive reason why this has been so.

As for Allen and Schiano, these picks for hot-seat candidacy do not make much sense to me. Indiana was only a few years ago a 9-win team, they have built a lot of success, why then is he in danger of losing his job? Or is it that fans are fickle and wonder what have you done for me lately? Regarding Schiano, from everything I have heard from my friends who support Rutgers, Schiano has been steadily building up the program, I think he still has tread on his tyres left.

ACC adopts new schedule format, Could Big10 be next?

The ACC has dropped a new schedule format, and it reminds me of how baseball used to be, no more divisions and only one giant league with everyone in it. The key difference is that each team has primary rivals that they would play annually and then the remaining teams would rotate in to fill the schedule on a home and home series every four years.

If the Big10 adopted such an idea, how would you think PSU would do? Who would our primary rivals be? Which would you keep versus play less often?

USC and UCLA to join Big10

Okay, so this one interests me because I know it is super hot news and everyone is having “hot takes” with it. But to me, this dismemberment of the PAC12 confuses me. I know all the teams of the Big10 will benefit because they will increase in prestige and money revenues, and this article covers that aspect admirably, but there is more than that going on in my view which needs to be talked about/analysed.

Regarding Penn State, I worry that adding two more “big fish” to the conference will dilute our ability to be contenders on the field and then later on when it comes to the CFP. We can try sneaking by with one loss to TOSU a year (insert Michigan instead for our one loss as flavour), but now with UCLA and USC we could definitely see two or three losses a season regularly and that alarms me.

Penn State rings in Pride with the end of June.

As an out gay man, nothing makes me happier than seeing my community show out proudly and bravely (especially in today’s world climate.) Pride is so much more than a parade or dancing in the streets, or any of that. As the article mentions, Pride isn’t and shouldn’t be just one day of celebrating, of advocating, of being able and unafraid of being who you truly are. Pride is a remembrance to those who have come before, to those who will be our future, and for fighting back and saying WE ARE HERE and WE ARE PENN STATE.