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BSD Mailbag: Who’s Next to Join the Big Ten?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

A USPS Post Office As Stamp Prices Set To Increase

Did you think it’s time to rebrand the league? Suggestions?

There’s valid points to be made for a rebrand, but the answer to me is a big no. The conference has built way too much equity to go with a new name. People with no interest in sports are still familiar with the Big Ten, and could rattle off a few schools in the conference.

It’s been nearly three decades since there were 10 schools in the Big Ten. The number is irrelevant at this point, especially since sticking with the amount of schools would lead to regular name changes. Since it’s a national conference, the name would likely be something generic, like the “Coast to Coast” or “All-American” Conference.

Let’s just stick with tradition in this case.

Why isn’t Teaberry a more popular ice cream flavor? Nobody outside of certain pockets of PA have ever heard of it.

I’ll be honest - I had to Google teaberry ice cream because I have never tried it and have no idea what it tastes like, even though I grew up five minutes outside of Pennsylvania. It sounds quite delightful though. I’m intrigued by the wintergreen flavor, especially since mint chocolate kid was my favorite as a kid and always hits the spot on a hot day. There’s a few local ice cream chains with a long list of options, so I’ll be on the hunt for some teaberry ice cream this summer.

What’s your go to lunch option? Since working from home I’ve gone full circle. Started with sandwiches of various deli meats, ordered lunch on DoorDash, intentionally made leftovers for lunch, bought a rice cooker to make a variety of stir fries and fried rice, now I’m back to sandwiches. Getting pretty sick of it but don’t really feel like just repeating this cycle. Probably my biggest complaint about working from home is the lack of going out for lunch.
-Success With Honor Always

I might be the wrong person to ask, but I am a grazer when it comes to work lunches. I’ll have a couple pieces of fruit and some pretzels late morning, then another piece of fruit and either a granola bar or plain bagel later in the afternoon, then some cut up veggies closer to the end of the work day. I am not as disciplined at home, so only having access to healthy(ish) foods while I’m at work prevents me from eating junk most of the week. It also helps so that I can enjoy some junk and a few extra beers on the weekend, knowing I’ll be able to lose those extra few pounds I gained by the end of the week.

The other issue with large and/or greasy lunches is that they put me to sleep and make me slog through the rest of the afternoon. Probably a much more boring response than what you expected, but it works for me.

What was the best Turkey Hill ice cream carton design?

I like the ‘60s and ‘70s version by a mile. The font and color scheme reminds me of the random boxes of stuff in my parents basement growing up. The ‘80s is a little too busy and doesn’t have a good focal point. The current one is OK, but I’m a little tired of walking past it in the grocery store after so many years. It seems well past time for a rebrand.

The new commenting system remains ugly as sin. I have pictures of myself in the ‘90s wearing JNCO jeans with that stupid undercut and center part that are more aesthetically pleasing. That is all.

Not a question, but fair point. I’m also expecting some of those pictures in the comments. Did you also have the chain that connected to your wallet?

Seems like all of the B10 insiders are saying that the conference is staying as is now unless ND decides to join, which is unlikely at this point. Other reports say that the SEC is negotiating with UNC, UVA, Clemson and others. It would seem that if the SEC raids the ACC, it may get the wheels moving again in regards to the Big Ten and ND. Do you see the B10 making a move should ACC schools jump ship? I have seen reports that the B10 is interested in Ga Tech. They want the ATL market which seems more like a UMD/Rutgr move. The ACC GoR seems to be a deterrent but if it is “abandon ship in the ACC”, then I could see it dissolve.

My first expectation is that the Big 10 will be adding two more West Coast teams. It seems reasonable that part of the deal was that USC and UCLA would be joined by at least two other programs in their region so they aren’t so isolated from the rest of the conference. Cal and Stanford would be a great fit overall for the Big Ten. Plus, having four schools from California would guarentee each Big Ten team a trip to The Golden State every season. From a competitive standpoint, Oregon and Washington would make more sense, and still be good regional company for USC and UCLA.

I do believe one of the next moves in the realignment picture is for the SEC to snatch a few schools out of the ACC. Clemson, Miami, Florida State seem to be logical choices, and I could see UNC or Virginia Tech going either way if others move on from the ACC. It feels like the current ACC’s days are numbered.

Finally, it does seem inevitable that Notre Dame joins the Big Ten. They will hold out as long as possible, but eventually their indendence will cost them with the trajectory of college football going towards “super conferences.” It could lead to more seasons like 2021 when they were on the outside looking in on the playoff picture, and the TV reveunes could shrink by remaining on their own.