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MMQB - Which Big Ten Stadium Would You Most Like to Visit?

Road trip!

NCAA Football: Michigan Spring Game Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I was pondering Penn State’s schedule this year, and thinking about how fun it would be to head down to Auburn, AL for a game. Way different scenery, different culture, different traditions, etc. Plus, Penn State may never play Auburn again, so striking while the iron is hot would be fun.

But that got me thinking about our usual neck of the woods around the B1G, and so I’m wondering: which Big Ten stadium would you most like to visit for an away game?

Back in 2012, I had the chance to go watch Penn State play Nebraska (no, Matt Lehman didn’t fumble the ball, yes that’s still crap a decade later).

But obnoxious officiating aside, Nebraska was actually a really cool place to visit. Everyone was super friendly, there were kids all over the place, the crowd was pumped, the balloon release was entertaining. All-in-all a fun day, despite the loss.

Next up for me would likely be the Big House. Not unlike Beaver Stadium, I’ve heard that the seats are crammed together, and due to its shape, it’s not as loud as you’d expect. But it’s still the largest football stadium in the country, and has a long history. Catching a game there would be fun, and is something I definitely plan to do at some point.

What about you? Where would you most like to visit?