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SWH Ten!- Hyperlinking Strikes Again!

News and links from the Penn State world and beyond!

NCAA Football: Auburn at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

SWH X: Hyperlinking Strikes Again!

Penn State Tight End Tandem named to Mackey Award List

Penn State redshirt sophomore tight end Brenton Strange alongside his Canuck compatriot Theo Johnson have been named to the John Mackey award list for the 2022 season. The national award is for the tight end who is the most outstanding at his position both on and off the field. The award panel bases their final choice off academics, community engagement, sportsmanship, and overall play at the position throughout the season. In the 22-year history of the award, no Penn State player has ever won, so it would be a major achievement for our boys in Blue and White to accomplish.

Penn State: Union State?

This article interested me as someone who is a union member myself through my work in education and I found it and wanted to share it with youse guys. I am all for unions protecting players and helping them fight for rights and resources where they are needed. What struck me as odd with this article is the fact that the players had to sneak in Jason Stahl (Executive Director of the College Football Player’s Association) in order to hear his presentation only to have the entire situation ki-boshed by the arrival of a strength and conditioning coach. The team members who were at the presentation (including Sean Clifford) then backtracked all mentions of unionisation for Penn State players. I do not know if this is out of fear of what could happen to their scholarships or standing with the team, but it struck me as a bit odd and ‘union-busty.’ I would love everyone’s thoughts below.

Oh Goodbye… Yazeed Haynes

So, I know this is another article type, but I saw this and pounced on it. We lose (another) 2023 commitment at the WR position and from this article it seems to me that we are going to potentially be thin, recruiting wise at least at that position. Is it time to scout the boards and look to see who’s available?

Cross-Country expands roster cross-country!

Penn State’s Cross-Country/Track and Field teams added 37 Newcomers to 2022-23 Roster showing that football and wrestling aren’t the only things blooming and booming at PSU. As someone who had friends in college and high school who were track and field athletes, I love to see other sports growing into their own, especially at a storied institution like Penn State.