Thank you to the BSD Community

On June 23rd, my wife of almost 17 years lost her 3 year battle with colon cancer. She was 45 years old.

Penn State football is my life. From August to January, I spend my days and nights thinking about the upcoming game, with multiple visits to BSD daily to get my updates and snarky comments. The off-season, I still lurk around the site laughing at the hot taeks that only an off-season can bring. For obvious reasons, I didn’t get to do much lurking this off-season. My wife took a turn for the worse and caring for her became a full time job.

It was just this past week or so, in a very dark place, mentally, I came back to the place that makes me smile. Thank you to all the regular posters, the old timers, the newbies, the trolls, Len Larma, etc. for helping me to begin to see a light at the end of this horrific tunnel I’m currently in.

15-0 or GTFO (this one’s dedicated to Paola).

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