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SWH VI Time for your News Fix!


NCAA Football: Penn State Spring Game Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

SWH VI: Time for your News Fix!

Penn State 2022 QB Ranked By 24/7 Sports!

Even after landing Drew Allar last year, the Penn State recruiting train does not seem to be losing steam in any way shape or form. 2022 recruit Marcus Stokes, of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL has been ranked at number 5 on 24/7 Sports list of top quarterbacks for the future.

From the writeup on Stokes, I am excited to see what he will bring to Penn State’s QB future in an already stacked room. I wonder if they will use him in the mould of Will Levis given Stokes’ speed and ability to run with the ball, or in the wildcat formation. Time will tell with him, but excitement abounds!

Washington Commanders still a laughingstock, but it’s no longer funny.

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I bear no love for the NFC East, not the Giants, not the Washington Commanders, and most certainly not the Dallas Cowboys. However, as a fan of the NFL I have to say this - the league’s management of the various scandals and the dramas related to Daniel Snyder, the team’s hostile work environment, name change issues, stadium issues, coaching issues, and player issues, and frankly just issues in general has left a horrid taste in my mouth as a fan.

It’s no longer funny that Snyder has control of the team when he has perpetuated a hostile work environment, it’s no longer funny that the ‘good ole boys’ club of the NFL has tried to protect him. The time is well past for Snyder to go, he is a stain on the League and needs to be removed.

As College Football blobs into super-conferences, who’s next?

This article discusses what has been on every sports blog, TV channel, sports page, and radio broadcast since the news broke. The fact that the college football world has blobbed like France during a game of Europa Universalis IV seems to indicate to me that no one team is safe, no conference is safe, no geographic bonds or old rivalries or frankly the tradition and pomp and circumstance of college football is not safe. Rather, what is reigning now in college football (much like the NIL issue) is the almighty dollar. Who can amass the most money, who can amass the most prestige or TV rights or so forth, gone are the days of Boise State being a potential dark horse (pardon the pun) title contender; instead we have two giants beating up on each other and that does not bode well for the good of the game.

Dawkins suits up in No. 53 for Penn State

Darryl Dawkins (Double D) was one of my favourite professional basketball players of all time. He was a great Philadelphia 76er and New Jersey Net. Now his son Nick will be adding a number 53 jersey of his own to his family’s collection. Nick Dawkins will be wearing No. 53 for the Nittany Lions offensive line. I hope that his son thrives and succeeds for the Nittany Lions. His father would be proud and Nick is well deserving of the honour.