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Only John Cappelletti Until Penn State Football

We’re hopping into the time machine for 22 days

Penn State University vs University of Pittsburgh Set Number: X18198 TK1 R3 F23

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, there’s probably no need for me to explain to you why we’re honoring John Cappelletti other than we don’t have a current player on the roster rocking the No. 22 jersey. His 1,500-plus yards rushing and 17 touchdowns in 1973 that led to him becoming Penn State’s first and still only Heisman Trophy winner, speak for itself.

As you also probably know, Cappelletti subsequently devoted his Heisman Trophy to his younger brother Joey, who was dealing with terminal cancer at the time. Perhaps what you didn’t know (unless you’re a much older reader), is that this wonderful story got the Walter Cronkite treatment on the CBS Evening News back in 1973.

Only 22 days to go, folks!