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Penn State Preseason Top 10 Players Voter Breakdown

Unlike previous years, there was little consensus among the staff voters.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 02 Indiana at Penn State Photo by Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We recently wrapped up our preseason top 10 player countdown, with wide receiver Parker Washington nabbing the top spot. The top 10 was determined by staff vote, with 10 BSD staff members each ranking their top 10 players ahead of the 2022 season. A first place vote is worth 10 points, second place is worth nine points, and so on.

Let’s take a look at the voting breakdown, which may be the oddest one yet since we began this series ahead of the 2015 season.

  1. Parker Washington - 86
  2. P.J. Mustipher - 85
  3. Ji’Ayir Brown - 75
  4. Joey Porter Jr. - 64
  5. Sean Clifford - 53
  6. Curtis Jacobs - 52
  7. Adissa Issac - 28
  8. Mitchell Tinsley - 18
  9. (tie) KeAndre Lambert-Smith - 13, Nick Singelton - 13

11. Keyvone Lee - 11

12. Juice Scruggs - 9

13. Theo Johnson - 8

14. (tie) Daequan Hardy - 7, Landon Tengwall - 7

16. Sander Sahaydak - 5

17. Kalen King - 4

18. (tie) Hunter Nourzad - 3, Beau Pribula - 3

20. (tie) Chop Robinson - 2, Christian Veilleux -2

22. (tie) Nick Tarburton - 1, Drew Allar - 1


-As you can see, a total of 23 Nittany Lions received votes

-There seemed to be no consistency with the players appearing near the top of the list.

-Parker Washington only received one first-place vote, but it was good enough to get him to first overall in the final tally.

-Washington’s lowest ranking was #3.

-P.J. Mustipher had the most #1 votes with four.

-Curtis Jacobs had one first-place vote, one tenth-place vote, and was left off two ballots alltogether.

-Similarly, Joey Porter Jr. had two first-pace votes and two ninth-place votes.

-Then there’s Sean Clifford - he received two first-place votes, a tenth-place vote, and was left off one ballot.

-13 offensive players received votes, followed by nine defensive players and one special teamer.

-Three true freshman received votes, with Nick Singelton getting enough to place him at #9 overall. Beau Pribula received an eight-place vote, while Drew Allar received one tenth-place vote.

-Three transfers received votes, with Mitchell Tinsley (WR from Western Kentucky) coming in 8th overall, Chop Robinson (defensive end from Maryland) with a ninth-place vote and Hunter Nourzad (OL, Cornell) with a tenth-place vote.

-Parker Washington, Ji’Ayir Brown, P.J. Mustipher, and Joey Porter Jr. were the four Nittany Lions to appear on all 10 ballots. Sean Clifford came close, but was left off of one of the 10 ballots.

We’ll be voting again following the season to see how we did. For now, what does your preseason top 10 look like?