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Only Joe Nastasi Until Penn State Football

21 days!

Penn State V Illinois

We’re staying in the time machine once again, but skipping forward 20-ish years to the 90’s as we honor Joe Nastasi. For those of you not quite as well-versed, Nastasi was a wide receiver who played at PSU between 1995-98 and was a key part of the rotation, with a career total of eight touchdowns and 741 yards receiving. It’s not the stat line that makes Nastasi’s name a household one for many PSU fans, but rather one particular moment in November of 1995, when he ran a fake field goal untouched into the end zone to help put a close game against Michigan on ice in the infamous “Snow Bowl” game at Beaver Stadium, as you can see in the video below.

Folks, we are exactly three weeks from the start of the 2022 Penn State football season...GET HYPED.