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SWH is Ready to Make an Immediate Impact

More News You Can’t Miss!

NCAA Football: Penn State Spring Game Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

Top Freshman to Make an Impact

I would definitely say DDS or Singleton are the young Lions to watch. Defensive line and running ack are definite places of need on the team, and I think these two young players will step up to provide a certain oomph to their respective units when needed.

James Franklin: Is he capable of adjusting his philosophy?

As a fan, the head coach is the focus point for all of our frustrations and joy when a team is either doing well or doing terribly. For years now, CJF has been making decisions that either burn us or reward us, based on whatever he thinks is best. My point being, CJF needs to make adjustments. He needs to put the younger players in to get game experience because I don’t think any one of us could stomach another Roberson situation like last year.

Recruiting Needs For 2023

With the losses in recruiting recently mentioned here at BSD, the 2023 class has holes at quarterback, wide receiver, and offensive line. The question becomes will we recruit young talent for these positions or seek to fill gaps in the transfer portal. If it were me, I’d rather have transfer experience to fill in as soon as possible.

Defensive Line Gets Rugby Boost

As someone who is a massive rugby fan (Cymru am byth!) seeing rugby players join American football and learn to dominate makes me quite happy. I could definitely see shades of Jordan Mailiata from the Eagles here. I hope van den Berg develops into a star.

Skaters of the World, Unite!

Some local news for y’all in State College, having a skate park in town would be super awesome. As someone who used to do a lot of skateboarding, having a place to do it safely is super key, plus it gives adults and kids alike another fun year round venue to use for staying active.

Mo’ Media, Mo’ Money?

Will this new media deal mean that we as fans have to purchase more streaming nonsense/wacky cable packages in order to watch PSU football this season. On initial glance, the answer seems no? But I could be wrong - what are your thoughts?