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MMQB - What Do You Think of a Weeknight Game?

Something different, anyway

NCAA Football: Purdue at Penn State John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State is set to kickoff the 2022 season with a road game against Purdue, which is not unique, as Penn State is not allowed to open Big Ten play at home, per conference bylaws.

What IS unique, however, is that this will be not only a non-Saturday game, but a full-on weekday game. The Lions will take on the Boilermakers on Thursday, September 1st, at 8 PM. I can’t remember if Penn State has ever played on a Thursday before, so I’ll crowdsource that one out to the BSD faithful to tell me otherwise.

MMQB asks - what do you think of a weeknight game?

I think it’s fun. For one, there’s a ton less competition for eyeballs on a weeknight - though funnily enough, the Backyard Brawl is taking place the same day.

Sidebar - Pitt vs West Virginia is one of the most historic rivalries in college football, renewed for the first time in years and it’s being held on a weeknight? Maybe that’ll limit couch burning, who knows.

Back to the topic at hand. Penn State-Purdue is one of just two P5 games, meaning plenty of people will be tuning in to see the Lions play. That’s never a bad thing, and with the Lions looking for a bounce back 2022 season, an opening week, primetime win over a conference foe would certainly be a good start.

Secondly, it provides just a little bit more prep time for week 2. Granted, week 2 is against Ohio, but still. Given how grueling the college football season is, a few extra days after knocking the rust off has to be beneficial.

But what say you? Do you like weeknight games? Or is college football gospel, and must only be played on Saturdays.