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MMQB - What’s Your “Old Man Yells at Cloud” College Football Issue?

Them kids ain’t right

AOL BUILD Speaker Series: Jeff Dunham Photo by Ben Hider/Getty Images

Last week, MMQB asked for your thoughts on weeknight college football games, and hoo boy, y’all are some crotchety old folks.

We got feedback from all over the interwebz about the evils of playing college football games on weeknights, and how these sorts of things would never have been done “back in my day.”

So in the same spirit, MMQB asks: what’s your “old man yells at cloud” moment for college football?

What’s something that “used to be done the right way” and they up and changed it on you, and gulldurnit, you don’t like it?

Could be the way the game is played, or perhaps some rule changes you don’t like. Maybe the way ticketing is handled now, or adding west coast teams to a midwest conference. Anything, really! Let’s hear what you got!