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Penn State Reveals New Basketball Uniforms

Whites are here, others are on the way

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State’s mens basketball Twitter account has hinted at new uniforms for a while and the reveal of their home whites came earlier on Tuesday.

A video and explanatory tweet came letting fans know that road and alternate uniforms would come later.

In the “details” tweet, the social media team revealed some of the key elements of the Nike jerseys that will continue with a tighter fit. Also of note is the “Keystone Belt Design” and what Nike claims is a solid stripe that will be unique to Penn State.

Overall, the changes are for the most part subtle. Penn State has stayed relatively simple in terms of pattern since just the mid-2000s.

More and more for bigger games in recent years, the team has worn either its gray alternates or its pink and black throwback alternates. It will be interesting to see if both of those alternate colors are revealed in this refashioning.

What are your thoughts on the new uniforms?