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Success With Hyperlinking is on the Hot Seat

Updates from Happy Valley and beyond.


America’s Top Ten Most Interesting In College Football

A mish-mash of figures here from college players and coaches all the way to conference commissioners. My take on this list is Coach Harsin out of Auburn. As a Boise State fan as well as Penn State, I always respected his work with Boise State and was sad to see him leave. I think Auburn is being hasty here in putting him on the hot seat, success comes with time and I don’t think Auburn is giving their team enough time to grow.

Speaking of Coach Harsin...

The 2022 college football season hasn’t even had a single whistle blown, a single down played, or a single game won or lost... Yet, head coaches already find themselves on the hot seat and in danger of losing their jobs. On this list are perennial “What blackmail does he have to keep his job” candidate Scott Frost of Nebraska as well as Coach Harsin of Auburn who I spoke about above. A surprise to this list is Herm Edwards of Arizona State who has been dealing with recruiting issues and other violations with the NCAA while still managing to run a successful on-field program.

National pundit says ‘We’re sleeping on Penn State’

Glad to see someone else recognise it...

NFL Teams Making Cuts to Rosters, Including Former PSU Players

Sad to see Apke, and Ellis Brooks getting the axe from their respective teams, but here’s to hoping that they get picked up by teams that will use their talents.

Seven Storylines to Start the Season!

Lots of questions on this list, from the O-line, to Coach Y’s offensive strategy, to Manny Diaz and the Defence. In the long run all questions will be answered come Week One against Purdue.