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SWH is Building Toward a National Championship

The latest updates from Happy Valley and beyond.

2018 NCAA Div I Wrestling Championships Session Six Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Today’s articles is brought to you by a special letter, the letter P for Penn State! (Also Covid, but that doesn’t begin with P).

New Recruit for Penn State Wrestling

Penn State’s Pulverising Powerhouse of Pull aparts, Pinfalls, and Pummelling (opponents) powers on. National champion Penn State Wrestling, anchored by newly extended head coach Cael Sanderson, has added a new recruit to its storied program. Joining the class of 2022 is Karl Shindledecker who announced his intentions to compete as a Nittany Lion. Adding a recruit, the calibre of Shindledecker to the team will provide an invaluable asset to the program over the next four plus years. May we see many more national titles as a result!

Penn State Preparing Presently for 2022 Season!

In other words, my friends, it is training camp time at PSU and as is the truth during any pre-season or run up to the start of a season, hope springs eternal be you a woeful Northwestern fan, Chicago Cubs fan, Phillies fan, or Penn State Nittany Lion fan. This year, CJF is celebrating Penn State’s deep roster as its key to victory versus TOSU, Michigan, and others in the Big 10. I don’t want to say this is the same old story from CJF, but there is a difference however in talk and actual performance, so we will all have to wait and see what happens come week one of the season.

CJF Says: Don’t Commit Unless You’re Committed

I actually agree with CJF here and it is by and large something that bothers me about the current state of college football. There is much to be said on all sides, but loyalty is a two-way commitment.

A (Volley)ball game of a different sort.

Penn State’s Women’s Volleyball Team have received their placement in the preseason minds of the Big 10. The perennial contender Nittany Lions are predicted to finish fifth in the conference. After losing Head Coach Russ Rose to retirement, the general consensus is that this year’s team must therefore be weaker than in years past. I don’t know if I buy that. Penn State Volleyball and winning go as commonly together as peanut butter and jelly. There’s no separating the two.

Bowl Season Already?

We haven’t even played a game lads, but we’re headed for the Music City Bowl!!! WOOO!