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MMQB - Which Game Are You Most Excited For?

I mean, I’m excited for all of them, but what’s #1?

NCAA Football: Michigan at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

MMQB is going to keep it short and simple this week: which game are you most excited for in the 2022 season?

Here’s the schedule:

  • @ Purdue
  • vs Ohio
  • @ Auburn
  • vs Central Michigan
  • vs Northwestern
  • BYE
  • @ Michigan
  • vs Minnesota
  • vs Ohio State
  • @ Indiana
  • vs Maryland
  • @ Rutgers
  • vs Michigan State

For me, I’m most excited about the game against Michigan. Sure, the OSU game will always be fun, but until Penn State actually wins a game against the Buckeyes, it’s hard to get TOO excited.

Michigan, meanwhile, needed a fluky breakdown in coverage by Penn State to beat the Lions, and Penn State generally (to me anyway) played as well if not better than a playoff team.

Michigan is worse than last year. That cannot be questioned. The defense lost a ton, and the offense was questionable at best in 2021. The Lions are most likely going to be worse on the defensive side of the ball, but by how much? I also believe the offense will take a big step forward, and make up for any backsliding by the defense. So overall, I’ll put PSU at about the same level it was last year, while I don’t see the Wolverines being as good.

In any case, it should be a very exciting game, and will be the first of a three-game stretch against Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio State, which will likely spell the difference between a potential New Year’s Six season, and a repeat of 2022.

What about you? Which game are you most excited for?