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Only Curtis Jacobs Until Penn State Football

Only 23 days!

Auburn v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The top prospect from Penn State’s 2020 recruiting class, Jacobs has settled into his linebacker role after coming up a wide receiver/safety prospect. The 6-foot-1, 229-pound Jacobs has top-tier speed and comfort playing in space, which made him an ideal player for Penn State’s SAM linebacker spot.

During Jacobs’ first season with the Nittany Lions in 2020, he saw action in eight of the nine games, just enough to get his feet wet for the rest of his career. Jacobs then moved into a starting role at the aforementioned SAM spot, and finished the 2021 season with 61 tackles, 7 TFLs, and 3 sacks.

Moving forward, Jacobs is headed away from the SAM as he transitions to the WILL, a more box-heavy linebacker role within Penn State’s defense. While that means Jacobs will be playing less in space, it puts him closer to the action on a play-by-play basis, and will give him additional opportunities to attack the line of scrimmage.

Just 23 days, folks.