Snap Counts 2022- Ohio


Well that was certainly less stressful!

If you missed last week's post, I include any snaps where a play is run. Kneel downs, pre-snap penalties, and timeouts called right before a play are not included. Here we go!

Offense (77 snaps):

QB: Sean Clifford 46, Drew Allar 20, Christian Veilleux 11

RB: Kaytron Allen 26, Nick Singleton 22, Devyn Ford 11, Keyvone Lee 10, Tank Smith 7, Tyler Holzworth 4

WR: KeAndre Lambert-Smith 39, Mitchell Tinsley 38, Harrison Wallace 28, Parker Washington 25, Omari Evans 25, Kaden Saunders 25, Liam Clifford 10, Jaden Dottin 9, Malick Meiga 9

TE: Brenton Strange 48, Khalil Dinkins 24, Tyler Warren 22, Grayson Kline 1

OL: Sal Wormley 61, Caedan Wallace 55, Olu Fashanu 54, Landon Tengwall 53, Juice Scruggs 50, Bryce Effner 24, Hunter Nourzad 22, Nick Dawkins 20, JB Nelson 15, Vega Iaone 11, Drew Shelton 11, Jimmy Christ 11

Defense (65 snaps):

DE: Adisa Isaac 31, Amin Vanover 30, Dani Dennis-Sutton 23, Nick Tarburton 21, Chop Robinson 17, Jake Wilson 7, Davon Townley Jr. 1, Rodney McGraw 1

DT: Jordan van den Berg 27, Hakeem Beamon 25, Zane Durant 25, PJ Mustipher 22, D'Von Ellies 15, Fatorma Mulbah 7

LB: Curtis Jacobs 33, Kobe King 27, Dominic DeLuca 26, Abdul Carter 24, Tyler Elsdon 22, Jonathan Sutherland 21, Jamari Buddin 8, Robbie Dwyer 8, Cody Romano 6

CB: Joey Porter Jr. 29, Cam Miller 28, Marquis Wilson 28, Johnny Dixon 25, Kalen King 24, Daequan Hardy 12, Jeffrey Davis Jr. 4

S: Zakee Wheatley 33, Jaylen Reed 29, Ji'Ayir Brown 28, Keaton Ellis 26, Kevin Winston Jr. 18, Sebastian Constantini 4


- Except for OL and LB, few of the starters saw a lot of time in the second half. Not coincidentally, these positions are our 2 biggest question marks.

- I was glad to see the coaches put Allar in as early as they did so that he wasn't just handing the ball off.

- With Carter available for a full game, the LB snaps were much more evenly distributed this week. He looked good out there too, so will be vital in our big games this season.

- Saw more of the dime and quarter defensive packages from last week- it got some effective pressures on Saturday, including the 1 sack we recorded. The DL needs to start getting home on pressures though.

Seems like a pretty straightforward snap count you would expect for an early season blowout win. Lots of depth players getting involved.

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