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BSD Mailbag 9.15.22

We answer your questions, sports and all!

Sep 10, 2022; University Park, Pennsylvania, USA; Penn State Nittany Lions quarterback Sean Clifford (14) runs with the ball towards the end zone during the first quarter against the Ohio Bobcats at Beaver Stadium.
poor cliff
Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

This mailbag is being written while sitting in the airport for my flight to Atlanta for the game, and we’re not the only PSUers here. We Are truly everywhere.
Cari please emphasis just how important it is that though talented, Drew Allar still has a lot of knowledge to be gained at this level.

Yes he has a couple plays down pat but there is no way he’s competent in the entire playback in such a short amount of time to where he can anticipate every action and reaction from opposing defenses and then know the counter to their counter.

We are in an amazing position to have Clifford for one more year. (Personally I’m not a Cliff fan and never have been) but Cliff does have a lot of knowledge of the game that Drew can learn from.

The outside pressure from numerous sites on the internet/radio/youtube/wherever calling for Drew now is unjust to Cliff as he is very functional and point blank it’s too early for Drew. I hope and believe that we have the golden one on our roster but let him develop more before he’s unleashed.

Hopefully this site can help pause the call for as long as possible.

I’ve enjoyed a few drinks and have rambled on enough but my opinion should be clear enough.

Thank you— airleg1

I have to tell you, I’m concerned about Hackenberging Allar if we play him too soon—Hack was a great recruit, played really well his first season, but lack of any level of offensive line recruiting had him hearing footsteps every time he dropped back by the time he reached his junior year.
We’re very lucky to be in the position we’re in—having a potentially program-altering quarterback but not having to play him right away, because we have a New Year’s Six-winning quarterback he can play behind. No one is saying Clifford is the most talented quarterback on the roster, but he is the best option to win right now, and not ruin Allar before he has a chance to win the program’s second Heisman. From my perspective, the coaching team is doing what it should do with Allar; letting him see significant, important time in games, but not throwing him in the fire too early.
I know that it ultimately looked like his star ranking was mostly due to playing with Allen Robinson in high school, but I think back to Rob Bolden in 2010—a true freshman thrown to the wolves in Tuscaloosa. I’m very glad to not be repeating that debacle this year.

I feel like we need a review of this bizarre creation from Auburn’s social media department. I wasn’t aware that Jordan-Hare Stadium was on a giant mesa where the Earth apparently curves backwards.

— NittanyPUMA

I mean, they’re not even wearing orange on the field! C’mon, man. Folks try and try to imitate the white out (with many Auburn players saying it was one of the coolest experiences in their playing career), but no one can be us.

The good news is that I’m flying from Boston to be at the Auburn game. The bad news is that my two buddies bailed for different reasons over the past month or so, so I’ll be cruisin’ through Alabama solo. Aside from getting sloppy drunk and mingling with the locals, what should I do?— LBU_409er

I’ve never been, so I’m not sure! Our friends over at College and Magnolia told me that they were going to put out a guide on what to do for visitors, but I’ve yet to see it. I guess maybe we should all just follow one of the original BSDivas, Paige2PSU, on twitter for her takes!

What does the Venn Diagram look like of people who think the SEC is perpetually and criminally overrated, and people who are terrified of Auburn right now?— vern05

Many Vegas books had PSU win total at 8.5 to start the season. Keeping in mind that 15-0 or GTFO and all that, how confident are you with going with the over at this point prior to the Auburn game?— LarzLion

I still think around 10-2 is reasonable, maybe 9-3.

Which division is better - the Big Ten West or the Sun Belt East?— LivingInElvisLand

The Big Ten West is 9-7, while the Sun Belt East is 10-4. As Barbie said, math is hard, but even I can figure that one out.
Plus, the Sun Belt East team won the lone head-to-head, so…

Does Frost’s firing light a fire under other B1G coaches like Ferentz or even Franklin? Will we see a more sense of urgency in coaching styles? btw, I think BOB would be a great coach at Nebraska.— PSU1979dude

At this point in his career, I’m not sure even a box full of matches and kindling would light a fire under Ferentz.
And Franklin has been unequivocally more effective at Penn State than the last few coaches at Nebraska.

I know we should be concentrating our questions on Auburn, who hasn’t looked all that good yet but…

If you are DC in the BiG and Iowa is your upcoming game, do you game plan or just play your standard D, situational for down and distance and let Iowa’s offense beat itself?— BMAN13

I’m no coach, but this sounds like a very solid plan to me.

Is Spencer Petras the worst QB in the Big? How bad is the backup? Yikes— swift_retribution

Maybe, but the rest of the offense certainly isn’t helping him out at all.

Best LOL of the week? my picks: Marshall over ND but App St over Ta&m is a pretty close second for me. Ga Southern over Nebby just finished what should have ended last year. Also, did you know that Jimbo is now 35-15 in his first 50 games at Ta&m while Sumlin was 36-14 and got fired.— BMAN13

I did know all of these things! And it makes me laugh but also think about schadenfreude.

I was always wondering....during games teams use their own if a player intercepts the ball or recovers a fumble and takes it to their sideline do they have to give the ball back or can they keep it?— joey.taylor.jt

I’m pretty sure they have to give it back. I know a former equipment manager for a D1 football program, so I’ll ask and report back!

Zain & DT both in the semis of the world championships currently. Who’s the next world champion that Penn State produces?—Succss With Honor Always

You didn’t specify that my pick had to be in freestyle wrestling, so I’m going with Bo Nickal, who will win a UFC title next year.

What the hell ever happened to picture-in-picture? Why did it disappear and why isn’t anyone bringing it back or explore other formats for having 2 games on the TV simultaneously? With the number of commercial breaks, the length of reviews, and just the regular downtime in football it would make watching at home so much more enjoyable.— Succss With Honor Always

I never really used picture-in-picture but at this point in my life, I can see the value. Bring it back!

Can you use your immense influence to improve one functionality on this new site?

The “z” function: the program does not mark each entry in a visited thread as “read” like the old system, so that upon subsequent visits, only the new posts entered since the last visit are “unread” and subject to being discovered by the “z” tap.— 48-14

You lost me when you indicated I had any influence whatsoever.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, why can’t I post an image to get around the Fan Post word count requirement?—InflammableDumpster

Because you don’t have mod powers, obviously.

What is the proper response to a fast food drive-though cashier that consistently ends every sentence in transactions with you with “sweetie,” “honey,” “darlin’,” or other similar term? Ignore it completely? Politely ask her to stop it? Change fast food location? Just for context, I’m happily married so I ain’t nobody else’s sweetie, honey, or darlin’. And its a fast food drive through, so you ain’t getting a tip either. I just want to get my food, and continue on my way.— Precious Roy

Just let it go, man. They’re doing a thankless job for a public that, in many cases, treats them incredibly poorly.
Is this really anything but a minor annoyance to you? If it makes her happy, and your order came out right, I don’t see any problem with it.

Someone or some group posts an upcoming event on FB. Your thoughts on the multiple negative Ned’s/Nancy’s who will respond why they can’t be there - I live 2,000 miles away, Aunt Mary’s birthday party, colonoscopy, etc. Seriously, I don’t care that you can’t be there or why (are you that self-centered?) - I only want to know who WILL be there.—Smee

We’re all the main character in our own story, and for many that means everyone needs to know all their business. I don’t see the need for someone to post this, but I also don’t see the big deal either. Just keep on scrolling.

I’m going to the Worlds Largest RV Show this week in Hershey. Which one should I get?—JayMPSU

The largest one, of course!
I don’t know RVs but there were some great suggestions in the questions post.

If you had only 2000 words to use, what would you say about Taylor Swift?— LocalYocal
You’re in luck! My sister has convinced me that this essay has to happen, so look for it sometime before wrestling season.