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Post-Game Link Dump: Penn State Outlasts Central Michigan

Here’s what people had to say following Penn State’s fourth win of the season.

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s link dump is brought to you a day late by poor internet service, which started going out every time it rains.

The takeaways are the main takeaway as Penn State’s defense and special teams create chaos on Saturday.

Some key mistakes and mental errors caused the team GPA to dip following Saturday’s victory...although it may depend on who is doing the grading.

Once again, Barney Amor shows that Penn State struck gold in the transfer portal to find its new punter.

Central Michigan made life tough for the Nittany Lion offense using cover-0 defense much of the afternoon, but the Nittany Lions were mostly unable to exploit it to their gain.

James Franklin assessed the Nittany Lions performance, and comments on the development of true freshmen Kaytron Allen and Drew Allar, among many other things.

Brenton Strange, Johnny Dixon, Zakee Wheatley, Curtis Jacobs and others offer their thoughts as Penn State rises to 4-0.

It was another big day for Strange, as he continues to become a more valuable asset to the offense with each passing week.