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Penn State v Northwestern
This is not Nick Singleton, he wouldn’t be hit like this (sorry BP)
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BSD Mailbag 9.30.22

Seems like few are excited for the Northwestern game tomorrow, if questions are any indication!

Does Allar give Penn State a better chance against Cover 0 defenses? Or is our issue less with the quarterback and more with lacking a deep threat? A little of column A, a little of column B?— Liongame

Our issues aren’t because of the quarterback. I know it’s easy to criticize Cliff (and the backup quarterback is always the most popular member of a football team), but he’s actually been very steady for us, not making consistent bad decisions and letting errors (and drops) roll off his back. We could absolutely use a burner like KJ Hamler or Deon Butler, but they’re still trying to go deep. And when you have guys like Brenton Strange jumping over defenders and breaking tackles left and right, a ten yard pass play can turn into an explosive 40 yard gain pretty quick. I am confident that Mike Yurcich can scheme is way around it.

Why do players not dive to make tackles anymore? Have you noticed this? I’m not talking targeting AT ALL. I’m talking, make the dive to grab his ankles. How often do we see highlights where the player runs and the defender literally could have made the tackle 10 yards back had he dove. 100% of the tackles I’m talking about are after the first level— PSU1979dude

You told me to ignore this question but I’m not going to, because I think you’re not the only one thinking about this.

It’s my understanding that defenders are taught to go for a more sure tackle, and ankle tackles are far from sure; how many times have we grumbled because our guys are going for the ankles and the offensive skill player easily breaks that tackle (Kalen King, I’m looking at you at Auburn, sorry). In addition to diving being not as sure, you have to be very positive of the angle you’re taking, and that’s difficult for a lot of folks.

Lastly, if you dive, you most likely end up on the ground take yourself out of the play if the tackle misses; if you are on your feet, you always have a shot (though in the case of Nick Singleton, not a good one) of getting yourself back into the play via speed or a great angle.

Are there any plans for a BSD tailgate for NW?

Depending on what happens with this storm, we may skip town and head to see my dad in PA. Mostly if we’re losing power for 5 or 7 days, which isn’t unheard of I’m not staying down here to roast. In short, if I’m driving 1,000 miles w/ 4 kids in the car, you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be in State College Saturday.— mbailey71

I don’t know about other folks, but I’m not even sure we’re going to tailgate at the stadium; it’s supposed to rain a fair amount, so we might end up housegating. I always prefer to tailgate at the actual stadium but alas, that’s not always a good idea.

As a follow up to last week, can anyone speak to the first game at Beaver Stadium with the sale of alcoholic beverages? Just curious as that is a significant change for home games (but not the college football landscape as we are a bit late to this revenue stream).

Also would love to know any inputs on prices...hoping it’s not like a Pens game where one could pay 12-14 for a 16 oz coors light pounder (it may now be more, which is even crazier).— SlippySlappy

Last minute last week (ie, on Friday) they voted to extend alcohol sales to the entire season, which meant that they weren’t going to start for the CMU game. They’ve said this week will be the first week, so I guess we’ll see.

I’ve heard which beers they’re going to be selling (nothing else but beer, I’m told) and some of them are really baffling, but others make perfect sense. I guess we’ll see.

Will Levis. Do you think the coaching staff thought he had this in him (and encouraged him to get out), or are they shocked by his development? Should they have done better for him here?— JayMPSU

I don’t think either is right. I think the coaching staff thought he had major upside and aren’t shocked, but his performance (and the notion that he could go in the first round) is of particular surprise. I’m legitimately shocked of this discourse - I am very happy that Will Levis is doing well in Kentucky, but nothing about his performance screams “first rounder” to me.

Let’s compare him, YTD, to Sean Clifford:

GP Wins Losses PassTDs INTs Rush Yds Rush TDs

Clifford 4 4 0 8 1 54 4

Levis 4 4 0 10 4 -33 2

That certainly seems to me that Clifford is smarter with the ball, not taking as many TFLs or sacks as Levis (and not throwing as many interceptions...). And these stats are coming off of the Auburn game, where PSU as a whole only passed for around 250 yards and 0 passing those 8 TDs are through 3 games.

I was thinking in my career experiences who were the most insufferable graduates to work with, NW graduates (all levels), Duke or Georgetown MBAs. Almost universally, each has their elevated level of narcissism. I still think that the Georgetown MBAs take it by a nose but it is close. What say you?— LarzLion

I’ve actually not worked with any of those grads in my career after I graduated myself, but before I graduated and went to the professional level, I knew folks from Northwestern and Georgetown and they were both basically insufferable, so...

Favorite guys cologne?— PSU1979dude

I definitely couldn’t say. I’m of the mind that every perfume or cologne smells different on every person - so some smell amazing on one dude and absolutely gross on another. It’s about the cologne + the person, not the cologne itself.

Is it possible for the bottom of the comments to indicate “0 people viewing this discussion”?— Smee

I don’t think so, because if you’re viewing it you are, by definition, one person.

If you were Pete Davidson, would you do something about your raccoon eyes? Dude looks rough.— swift_retribution

As someone with perennial dark circles under my eyes (inverse raccoon, maybe?), I don’t know if I’m necessarily the one to answer this question. Truly, I even had dark circles in my kindergarten school photo - who loses sleep as a 5 year old?? sigh.

Why does PENNDOT still require you to parallel park for your driver’s license? Also, what is the best way to teach my daughter to parallel park?—LionfanAllan

I don’t think it’s just PENNDOT - it’s most states. And honestly, you never know when you need to parallel park - like downtown in State College, for instance.

Others in the comments indicated that many driver’s license courses in PA are open to the public for practice after hours, so I definitely recommend that. And I also recommend to your daughter to parallel park VERY, VERY slowly - you can’t get dinged for climbing up the curb if you only nudge the curb gently.

Ritz, Townhouse, or Club?— Precious Roy

I’m a simple girl, I like my saltines square and my butter crackers round (not oval). Give me Ritz any day.

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