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BSD Mailbag 9.9.2022

Nittany Nation! I’ve got one question for you...Are you ready for some Penn State tailgates? (happy home opening week)

Sean Clifford Heather Weikel

First home game, any traditions you do for the first game?— BMAN13

Not really. It’s always a little bit anxious because it’s the first time tailgating in a while, but it is like coming home, after all.

What was your favorite overreaction to week 1? First week is always a festival of knee jerk overreactions. Here’s a few:

Oregon dropped from pre-season #11 to out of the AP poll due to loss to Georgia

Georgia is “unbeatable”

Notre Dame is actually really good this year. Really!

USC is all the way back! Lincoln Reilly is a miracle worker

Florida unranked (not even receiving votes) in pre-season AP poll, jumps to #12 after week 1 win over Utah. —RWReese

I think it’s probably a combo of your Oregon and Florida bullet points. It’s as though Florida took Oregon’s place, which I completely do not get—obviously a win is a win, but you can’t tell me that UGA wouldn’t kick Florida’s ass week one as well. And is Utah really that good?
All this to say, preseason polls are utter crap, despite what many in the media would like folks to believe.

If you would, please rank your CFB pre-season ‘projections’ from worst to first. Some examples, but feel free to add your own.


bowl projections

Heisman hype

hot seats

conference champions

conference also rans

Just to insert my $.02 all of these are mostly bullS prior to Oct 1 but I get why Geiger and his ilk feel the need to fill words in spaces prior to any down being played, they have mouths to feed and bills to pay and for whatever reason, people hang on to those words. Why tho? Why does CFB hold on to those preseason biases so strongly as compared to the other major sports leagues where results matter more than speculation?— mbailey71

I didn’t have too many predictions…though I did expect Nebraska to have gotten a LITTLE bit better. Ah, the follies of August!

Al Golden. Was he a candidate for our DC position? If not, is it because we still are avoiding anyone with past ties to the program? Does he hate us? I understand Temple, but then Miami and now ND. What’s next osu?— JayMPSU

I don’t know for sure if Golden was a candidate, but we got the most RECENT former Miami HC instead of Al. I honestly think Franklin wanted someone who fit his vision (explosive defense, with creative blitzes and a focus on aggression) and I don’t know enough about Golden’s DC philosophy in order to tell you whether that is him or not. I don’t think it’s an issue with him being Paterno-esque—Franklin just makes moves based on what he thinks will meet his goals. Though, there is debate to be had over whether he is actually close to meeting his goals…

IF Notre Dame is overrated

AND Notre Dame held OSU’s offense in check most of that game

WHILE Ohio State sucks (True/False)?— vern05

Ohio State always sucks, but in pure football terms, I’m not sure it’s smart to write them off so early. I do think that Notre Dame is overrated (must be a year thar starts with “2”), but I’m old enough to remember when OSU lost to a not great Virginia Tech team and went on to win the playoffs.

Did I miss injuries to Coziah Izzard (sp?) and Meiga (sp)? Noticed neither played. I’m sure I saw 80 (Meiga) on the sideline, but did not see Izzard— BMAN13

Nope. I don’t have the official details, of course, but it seems as though Izzard might be in the doghouse. As for Meiga—I think he was just passed on the depth chart, but will likely see time this week.

Why did Clifford not run much Thursday night?— PSU1979dude

I don’t know whether it’s fear of getting injured (though his presser comments this week make me think he truly does realize that he has capable QBs behind him, in the case he goes down) or play design. Since a lot of the plays were designed RPOs, I have to believe it’s more of the former. He settled into the pocket that the o-line gave him really well last week, so it’s not like he kept hearing footsteps a la Christian Hackenberg. It’s gotta be something more than play design.

I was just checking the comments congratulating Sean Clifford for being named the BIG TEN player of the week and another question popped into my head out of nowhere... Why the hell does it seem like some “fans” are just intent on shitting all over “their” team every chance they get and in every way they can?? Like, WHAT’S SO HARD ABOUT JUST POSTING “CONGRATS SEAN!” AND MOVING ON????

That’s 4 (or 5, depending on how you count) questions from me this week, is there a limit? Shit, is that 6? Dammit, there’s 7!!— LocalYocal

There’s a large subsection of every fan base that’s not happy unless the team is winning national titles (or winning games, in the case of unrealistic VT fans). There’s not much to do to persuade them, because a lot of it’s vibes, in my opinion.
As mentioned in my last mailbag, I was in the “put Allar in” camp after last week’s pick six—but that absolutely beautiful last drive turned me around. And let’s be honest—in years like 2006 and 2007, or 2010 and 2011, wouldn’t we have done almost anything for a Sean Clifford? Does anyone remember the 5 INT game?

Serious question, after watching many games this weekend: Should we have a logo on the 50? If so, Block S, chipmunk Lion or other? What say you, BSD?— LukePSU89

I’m very much split on this. We’re not a flashy team, very traditionalist, but there definitely is something to the idea of a big ole chipmunk at the 50…

Is Bobcat the second best mascot in the state of Ohio? The native wild species of penguin found in Youngstown is obviously #1. — Dbridi

Obviously. But I do think the “Rough Riders” of Case Western is pretty cool.

Nittany Lion vs. Bobcat. Who wins?— PascalsDog

Clearly a Nittany Lion, despite being extinct. I am clearly not biased at all.

Two Three questions this week:

1) You do realize that, so long as you continue this TSwift threat, you are guaranteeing that PSUBootball will ABSOLUTELY not post any questions in the mailbag, right? I only bring this up because, who knows, he may have a doozy to inquire upon and he’ll not have the opportunity...

2) What actually happened during “Cliffordgate”? We’ve heard cramps and, the way he chuckled about a “little injury issue”, but that it’s “managable”, did he just prove to us that an old big red dog can still learn the new trick of “don’t eat Taco Bell during halftime” or my own personal thought the thinking seeping out of Iowa of CJF saying “Hey Cliff, fake a little something so we can throw this kid into the fire to see if he gets burned.”?

3) Was question 2 the absolute champion run-on sentence of all time, or what?! — LocalYocal

1. Sure, ok. Still worth it and I might write it anyway.
2. Poop. I’m convinced of it.
3. I’m sure yours is fine, but there have been more important run-on sentences, a certainly longer ones, in the history of the written word.

Does Purdue’s Chris Jefferson get a Pepto-Bismol NIL this week?— Dbridi

See, if we didn’t have NIL we wouldn’t be able to have these great debates! Totally worth it for that alone imo

King Charles III or King Chuck Sizzle? Which handle would you have chosen if instead of BSD royalty you were British royalty—mattinglywasking

I debated marking this question as too soon, but as an avowed Anglophile, i have to say I simply do not like Charles (And know I’m not alone). I don’t think Wills will be better, so here’s hoping for George’s reign to be coming up soon.
So basically, as much as it pains me, give me swizzle.

Whatever happened to bscaff?— swift_retribution

He’s living his post-blog life, as so many before him have. I myself do miss his voice, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Why is Kevin Hart everywhere? He’s in 2/3 of commercials on TV. His pitching energy drinks on Amazon. He’s got a special “Kevin Hart meal” at Wawa (further proof that Sheetz is better). Did he hire the Rocks agent? Has he made a deal with the devil? WHY IS HE ALWAYS YELLING AT ME?—skarocksoi

I am distinctly not a Kevin Hart fan, so I am with you and also #Sheetz4lyfe

Am I the only one that thinks that song by Kate Bush is an auditory abomination?

I count myself blessed that I haven’t heard it until a few weeks ago. But dear Lord, it’s an assault on the ears.— swift_retribution

I actually have no idea what you are talking about—but Kate Bush has never been one of my favorites.

Have any good podcast recommendations? Preferably something with episodes in the 30 - 60 minute duration.— Succss With Honor Always

I’m not as into podcasts as I used to be (mainly because I’m with you—driving is where I listen and since I’ve worked from home going on four years now, I don’t have as much of an opportunity.
I still love You’re Wrong About and Hall of Shame, though.

Piggy back do other people consume their podcasts? I’ve tried watching some on YouTube, and they are all horrible that way (just talking heads talking — why even bother with the video portion). And most of them are way too long. The only way I can do podcasts, it seems, is while driving. And I think SWHA has the right sweet spot, 30-60 minutes.— Precious Roy
When I do listen, I listen on apple podcasts. Easiest way for me—though I’d probably go with spotify if I didn’t have an apple phone.