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BSD Prediction Roundtable: Penn State vs. Ohio


Ohio v Penn State Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images


After a grueling dogfight on the road, Penn State returns to happier climes and gets a fairly easy day at the office against what will likely be the easiest foe of the season.

Sean Clifford and Co. work out some of the offensive kinks, and the starters take a seat midway through the third quarter. Drew Allar and the second teamers take over and get some much-needed snaps, while furthering Penn State’s lead. Christian Veillieux and the third teamers close out the fourth quarter as the Lions coast to an easy win.

Penn State 49, Ohio 14


A year ago, following a narrow win road win against a Big Ten West contender and a week before a hyped matchup against an SEC team, there were some who were putting Penn State on upset alert against a MAC opponent. That game, a blowout of Ball State, was never in doubt in the second half. This week, I don’t think anyone is thinking upset. But, I do think the look ahead factor comes into play this time around.

I think Penn State starts flat and the starters play more snaps in the second half than we’d like. In a perfect world, the offense would work out more of the kinks, Allar and Singleton would account for their first touchdowns, and the defense stays fresh and forces some turnovers. I think it’s more likely that the offense sputters for a couple consecutive drives, Ohio is able to move the ball and control some clock, and the game threads are filled with hand wringing. Ultimately, depth wins out against a middle of the pack #MACtion team.

Penn State 37, Ohio 17


There are some similarities to this game and last season’s Villanova game. Ohio, like Nova last season, is the worst team the Nittany Lions will play this year. If they can not get the running game going on Saturday, that will be a major red flag for the rest of the season. More Nick Singleton/Kaytron Allen and less Keyvone Lee should help on that front as well.

In addition to needing to get the rushing attack going, Sean Clifford needs to get into a better rhythm. Outside of this final drive he played very poorly against Purdue and nearly cost the Nittany Lions with that terrible pick-6.

Should be a big game for developmental reps. Plenty of young guys on defense should see a lot of action, hopefully the same goes for some of the young receivers. Also, let’s hope Penn State puts this away early the way they should so that we can see a lot of Drew Allar in the second half.

Penn State 35, Ohio 13


Time to exorcise the 2012 demons! Ohio has a few dudes on offense that could be annoying, but their defense is absolutely ripe for the picking. If Singleton or Allen is going to go off on the ground, this would be the perfect week to do so. After Cliff tosses a few TD’s (and maybe a dumb turnover), we’ll hopefully get to see more of future starter Drew Allar air it out.

Penn State 45, Ohio 17


A decisive win would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Penn State 38, Ohio 10


(Originally appearing in the Game Preview)

This is the one game where the expectation is that Penn State will show up and outclass the opponent. The Bobcats have had success over the years, even knocking off the Nittany Lions in 2012 in a game we all would like to forget ever happened. But they will need to work their way back following the retirement of Frank Solich, who was easily the most successful coach in school history by about 10,000 miles.

There is plenty of optimism to go around for Bobcats fans following a strong week one performance. However, they do not have the Joey Porters, Mitchell Tinsleys, Ji’Ayir Browns, Chop Robinsons, Parker Washingtons and others to keep pace with the Nittany Lions. Penn State should be able to play aggressive early on to build a lead before turning things over to the guys on the bench to get some much-needed experience.

Nick Singleton and Kaytron Allen each get their first touchdown in a Nittany Lions uniform, while Mitchell Tinsley once again scores the first points of the day for Penn State. Drew Allar also gets his first touchdown pass of his college career in the second half. On defense, Chop Robinson sets the tone for the remainder of the season with two sacks and a forced fumble.

Nittany Lions roll.

Penn State 49, Ohio 17


Line has moved in favor of the Nittany Lions by about a point and a half, so the public seems to view the Purdue win in a positive light. Speaking to Penn State fans might have you think the Nittany Lions got blown out, however.

I’m interested in seeing whether Drew Allar plays the full fourth quarter, or whether the Nittany Lions can put Ohio away early enough to give Allar more than a quarter’s worth of action.

Penn State 56, Ohio 17