Junk Mail Folder 1/24/23

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ( I lied, it's a day early)

For the BS that goes on in the off season, because we need to gain some knowledge or just plain vent. If you need some type of weird intervention, we're here for you.

Throw your questions, concerns or hot taek up on the thread & see where it lands.

+++++++++++Filler words+++++++++++

GiveSendGo - 11 LONG HAIRED FRIENDS OF JESUS CONVOY : The #1 Free Christian  Fundraising Site.

Was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June
In a Kenworth pullin' logs
Cab-over Pete with a reefer on
And a Jimmy haulin' hogs
We is headin' for bear on I-one-oh
'Bout a mile outta Shaky Town
I says, "Pig Pen, this here's the Rubber Duck"
"And I'm about to put the hammer down"
'Cause we got a little ol' convoy
Rockin' through the night
Yeah, we got a little ol' convoy
Ain't she a beautiful sight?
Come on and join our convoy
Ain't nothin' gonna get in our way
We gonna roll this truckin' convoy
'Cross the USA
Convoy (ah, breaker, Pig Pen, this here's the Duck)
And, you wanna back off them hogs? Convoy
Yeah, 10-4, 'bout five mile or so
Ten, roger, them hogs is gettin' intense up here
By the time we got into Tulsa Town
We had eighty-five trucks in all
But they's a roadblock up on the cloverleaf
And them bears was wall-to-wall
Yeah, them smokies is thick as bugs on a bumper
They even had a bear in the air
I says, "Callin' all trucks, this here's the Duck"
"We about to go a-huntin' bear"

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