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BSD Mailbag (1.25.23)

You got questions, I got answers.

Muhammad Ali, Howard Cosell Appearing On ‘Sports Beat’ Photo by Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

“We did position grades after every game but what grade would you give each of the coaches for the year? And for recruiting?” --MightyMax409

I don’t follow recruiting closely enough on a day-to-day basis anymore to feel too comfortable giving grades, but as far as on-the-field performances this past season.

Mike Yurcich: B
Ja’Juan Seider: A
Taylor Stubblefield: C+
Ty Howle: A
Phil Trautwein: B+
Manny Diaz: B+
John Scott Jr: B
Anthony Poindexter: A
Terry Smith: A

Coordinator-wise, I give credit to Yurcich for making the most of what was a limited passing attack. Some of that does fall on him though for being the quarterbacks coach, but at the very least, he wasn’t trying to fit a square peg into a round hole by the end of the season. He was happy to lean on the running game, which is what good coordinators are going to do. Excited to see what he does with a quarterback who can attack more of the field next season.

Diaz gets knocked a tick for the linebacker player which was just solid, but as a coordinator I thought he had a great first season. His calling-card was creating havoc and turnovers and he did just that, with Penn State getting back over the 40-sack mark and generating 26 turnovers for the season.

“What coaching changes are looming?” --BW042

Knock on wood with the NFL always looming, but it seems like the staff is locked into place with the college coaching carousel mostly settled. I think there were some loose theories that John Scott Jr. or Ja’Juan Seider could be on the move with both of their sons graduating — Scott’s from State College High and Seider’s from Penn State — but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I think for Seider especially, he’s going to want to see Nick Singleton and Kaytron Allen through.

What one or two programs do you see frequenting the top 5 sometime in the next 5-10 years? Me? Oh sure I’ll answer it too thanks for asking - I see the Florida Gators getting back to the top with the right coach. --PSU1979dude

Good question. I’ll answer it a couple different ways, from “No Duh” to ones that are a little bit more out there.

  • LSU: Brian Kelly seems like not a great person, but the guy can coach and they won’t lack talent.
  • Washington: Kalen DeBoer is an awesome, fun coach and they clearly have buy-in from the administration given their coaching assistant salaries.
  • UCLA: This is for the Chip Kelly era and beyond, but they are and will continue to be a major player in the NIL space. Despite the fact that they don’t get fans to come to the games, UCLA has a lot to sell.
  • Louisville: Big time boosters committed to NIL and now they have Jeff Brohm back home; they are well-positioned for a run in the ACC
  • Oregon State: The administration is putting lots of money into the program, and Jonathan Smith is a tremendous coach. I don’t know if they’ll ever recruit well enough to actually breakthrough like their in-state rivals, but I think the Beavs are in a good spot for what their ceiling is.

So Jim Harbaugh and the NCAA are currently in a standoff because Harbaugh wont admit he lied to them about his recruiting violation, the violation of course being that he paid for a recruit’s breakfast on a visit or some bs. If Harbaugh doesn’t yield (which its Jim Harbaugh so of course he wont) do you think that the NCAA actually tries to sanction Michigan to seem like they still have some sort of power, or do they cave and just admit they are a pointless entity? --skarocksoi

I always assume that the NCAA won’t do much of anything if you really push against them. Lotta bark, no bite, and that has only multiplied as public opinion of the NCAA has completely shifted toward the negative side. Maybe I’m wrong on this given I was in high school back then, but back when USC was getting sanctioned, it felt like people *wanted* to see the NCAA do something. Is anyone rooting for the NCAA anymore?

Maybe a slap on the wrist is coming, but if I was Jim Harbaugh, I would just continue to deny that I lied. “Sorry, I didn’t recall buying that hamburger. What are you going to do about it?”

Two days from now, Jan 22nd, will be the 50th anniversary of the famous Howard Cosell call of “DOWN GOES FRAZ-UH”. What are some of your favorite announcer/sports calls? I’m biased, but Charlie Jones saying “INTERCEPTED, GIFTOPOLOUS”, simple as it is, will always be my #1, and Keith Jackson saying Blackledge was “GOING FOR THE BUNNN-DELLLLLL” to Garrity will always be second. --LTFT

Awesome question. Some of my favorites...

If a stadium has those flashy-strobe-effect lights for when the home team scores a TD, should they be required to turn them on every time a lineman ends up with the ball? --vern05

  1. Yes.
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Penn State eventually goes with the strobe lights for night game touchdowns. Copycat league.

ok, since you said to keep the questions coming, bar soap or body wash? --LTFT

I feel like body wash is generally better, but bar soap is easier so I bounce back and forth throughout the year. Personally, I’m a Dove guy regardless. Don’t mind Old Spice though.