LSU Prof Calls Out Football Operations

LSU professor calls out university for a supposed double-standard for the Tiger football team and other parts of the university. Apparently Brian Kelly was overpaid by $1 million last year, and the prof has had enough. He points out how stringent the accounting rules for his study abroad programs vs. the apparent sloppy accounting that allowed the overpayment to Kelly.

I am sure this situation is not unique to LSU, but applaud the courage of Professor Mann to bring it to light. I'm also sure he will have to endure repercussions for speaking out - hopefully nothing more serious than just some toilet paper in his front yard.

I'm also sure Brian Kelly had to return the overpayment, but I wish I had the interest off $1M for a year. Even 4% would yield $40K - I can put those funds to work upgrading my cigar humidor and such. Shoot, I might even be able to afford to attend a Penn State football game once in a while!

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