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Meet The 2023 Class: CB Elliot Washington

Florida —> Happy Valley

BSD’s recruiting staff sat down for a roundtable on each prospect Penn State signed in the 2023 class. Coming in at No. 6 was four-star cornerback Elliot Washington.

What makes you excited about Elliot Washington?

“Washington is one of my favorite players in this entire class. He has a great frame and already carries 195 pounds extremely well. He is a violent, physical tackler, which is something you do not always see out of defensive backs. Washington has elite burst, uses his hands extremely well, and attacks the ball at the catch point. Washington has great hips, as he changes direction and moves effortlessly in coverage. Washington will be one of the best players in this class.” --Marty

What worries you about Elliot Washington?

“Perhaps it’s just due to his squaty body-type that makes him look more like a running back than cornerback, but I think he lacks some fluidity in his mid-section. It shouldn’t be too much of an issue given that he’s a great athlete and reads the field at an extremely high level when in off coverage, but I’m not sure he’ll be fluid enough to play a ton of press-man coverage. It’s being picky, but that’s what you get with such a high-floor player like Washington — who I admittedly might be a little lower on than I should be.” --Patrick

Do you think Elliot Washington will be redshirted next season? Around what point of his career do you think he pushes for meaningful playing time?

“Looking at the cornerback depth chart it’s hard to see Washington playing next year. Even at safety he’s a bit down the line. But he could absolutely see the field at corner in year if his development goes well as Penn State stands to graduate 3 players there and could lose Kalen King to the NFL Draft as well.” --Clay

What do you think is the most realistic outcome for Elliot Washington: depth provider, rotational/one-year starter, multi-year starter, all-conference, or all-american?

Clay: Multi-year starter
Marty: All-conference
Patrick: Multi-year starter

Lastly, where do you have Elliot Washington ranked in Penn State’s class?

Clay: No. 6
Marty: No. 5
Patrick: No. 10