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Midweek Musings - Turn the Page

Time to move on

Penn State v Ohio State Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images

With one game left in October, Penn State is 6-1, ranked #10 in the country, and is back in the hunt for a win.

Yes, this past weekend was a demoralizing loss, which featured some questionable offensive playcalling.

But like other games - win or lose - the team will learn from their past experiences, and proceed with their season. They’ll put on their pads, squeeze into their jerseys, lace up those black shoes, and buckle their chin straps.

Indiana awaits. A team that has not had a great season so far in 2023, but one full of Power 5 athletes. The Lions will pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and then get back to it.

It’s time that we as fans did as well. We’ll may lament things again at the end of the season when all of the games have unfolded, and we can sit there in February with the benefit of hindsight.

For now, a double-digit win season is still in the hunt. A premiere post-season destination is on the table.

All that’s left now is to turn the page, and get back to it.