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The B1G Preview & BSD Challenge: The West Remains A Mess

Ohio State Buckeyes running back Jordan Hall (7) gets past Wisconsin Badgers safety Adam Hampton (25) and Wisconsin Badgers running back Kyle Zuleger (27) on a late 4th quarter kickoff return in their NCAA football game at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, October 29, 2011. Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Iowa had a clear path to an 11-win season and a Big Ten West title, but all that went to the trash when they gave P.J. Fleck his first win against the Hawkeyes as the Minnesota coach. Iowa still holds the tiebreaker over Wisconsin, if it came to that, but, were Minnesota to do the unthinkable, they would then have the tiebreaker over the Hawkeyes.

There’s plenty of football left to play, and things will sort themselves out. It’ll be fascinating to see who comes out of the trash heap that is the West this season. Onward!


All games on Saturday

12:00 PM

Indiana (2-5, 0-4 Big Ten) vs. No. 10 Penn State (6-1, 3-1 Big Ten)

PSU -32.0 | O/U: 47 | CBS

The Nittany Lions squandered their opportunity to take control of the Big Ten East, and now they need to hope for three things: 1) That they beat Michigan at home. 2) That Michigan beats Ohio State at the end of the season. 3) That the NCAA and/or the Big Ten don’t dole out punishment banning the Wolverines from the postseason before the championship game tiebreakers are decided. Because, if that happens, Michigan’s ineligibility means the tiebreaker would only be between Ohio State and Penn State, and that puts the Buckeyes in the title game.

Should you watch? Even if you don’t want to.
Prediction: Penn State 56, Indiana 17

Maryland (5-2, 2-2 Big Ten) vs. Northwestern (3-4, 1-3 Big Ten)

MD -13.5 | O/U: 48.5 | B1G Network

Maryland has had two weeks to think about what they’ve done. Losing to an average to bad Ilinois team on the season where they could have established themselves as the clear fourth best team in the Big Ten is, well, quite a Maryland thing to do. Northwestern has been feisty as of late, so don’t be surprised if this is a game.

Should you watch? You’re busy
Prediction: Maryland 31, Northwestern 28

3:30 PM

Michigan State (2-5, 0-4 Big Ten) vs. Minnesota (4-3, 2-2 Big Ten)

MINN -7.0 | O/U: 40.5 | B1G Network

The freefall continues. Though one would assume Michigan State will score in this one.

Should you watch? Don’t bother
Prediction: Minnesota 20, Michigan State 17

Purdue (2-5, 1-3 Big Ten) vs. Nebraska (4-3, 2-2 Big Ten)

NEB -2.5 | O/U: 39 | FS1

Purdue’s weakness is defending the run. The only thing Nebraska can do is run the ball. You see where this is going.

Should you watch? Could be fun.
Prediction: Nebraska 23, Purdue 20

7:30 PM

No. 3 Ohio State (7-0, 4-0 Big Ten) vs. Wisconsin (5-2, 3-1 Big Ten)

OSU -14.5 | O/U: 45.5 | NBC

Penn State’s struggles after losing to Ohio State have been well documented. However, did you know that Ohio State has a knack for struggling shortly after beating Penn State too? Wisconsin has to be the happiest team in the history of ever right about now.

Should you watch? Yes
Prediction: Ohio State 28, Wisconsin 21


Big Ten Picks

Writer Spread Straight up Away Team Score Home Team Score
Writer Spread Straight up Away Team Score Home Team Score
Chris Illinois Illinois 21 28
Colin Illinois Illinois 13 20
Lando Illinois Illinois 17 24
Marty Indiana Illinois 20 24
Tim Indiana Indiana 27 24
Chris Rutgers Rutgers 21 10
Colin Iowa Iowa 10 17
Lando Rutgers Rutgers 17 13
Marty Rutgers Iowa 13 14
Tim Iowa Iowa 9 16
Chris Maryland Maryland 24 17
Colin Nebraska Nebraska 23 27
Lando Nebraska Nebraska 20 21
Marty Nebraska Nebraska 21 23
Tim Nebraska Nebraska 21 24
Chris Ohio State Ohio State 10 42
Colin Ohio State Ohio State 7 41
Lando Ohio State Ohio State 7 38
Marty Ohio State Ohio State 7 38
Tim Michigan State Ohio State 10 38
Chris Penn State Penn State
Colin Penn State Penn State
Lando Penn State Michigan
Marty Michigan Michigan
Tim Penn State Michigan
Chris Minnesota Minnesota 28 14
Colin Minnesota Minnesota 31 28
Lando Minnesota Minnesota 27 24
Marty Minnesota Minnesota 22 17
Tim Minnesota Minnesota 35 14
Chris Northwestern Wisconsin 10 21
Colin Wisconsin Wisconsin 14 28
Lando Wisconsin Wisconsin 14 28
Marty Wisconsin Wisconsin 13 28
Tim Wisconsin Wisconsin 13 31
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