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BSD Prediction Roundtable: Penn State vs. Indiana

Time for a bounce-back afternoon?

Nov 5, 2022; Bloomington, Indiana, USA; Penn State Nittany Lions quarterback Drew Allar (15) runs the ball past Indiana Hoosiers linebacker Dasan McCullough (0) during the second half at Memorial Stadium. Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports


Despite the fact that Indiana’s defense is nowhere near the caliber of what Penn State faced last week, don’t be surprised if the offense gets out to a frustratingly slow start. Mike Yurcich’s group had zero rhythm against the Buckeyes, and several players, namely Drew Allar, were visibly upset and rattled after the lost. The first live game action this team sees after such an embarrassing defeat could certainly feel off, especially considering Penn State’s tendency to let one emotional loss derail multiple weeks of football.

With all of that considered, however, I still expect the Nittany Lions to go out and effectively dominate after a less-than-stellar first half. The Hoosiers have yet to do anything to prove they can hang in this year’s Big Ten East, and I don’t see that changing on Saturday at Beaver Stadium.

Penn State 48, Indiana 10


I’m going to be very interested to see how the team responds after such a demoralizing loss. There were a lot of things identified in the game against Ohio State that the Lions have to work on, not the least of which is suddenly erratic QB play, and OSU’s seemingly telepathic ability to determine when the Lions were going to run the ball. Whether these are specific tendencies to be reworked, or just big game jitters remains to be seen. In any case, Indiana does represent a good “get well” opponent, and like it or not, presents a chance to come out sleepy but still get a win. Franklin’s teams have struggled in the week after a loss, so having one of the two worst B1G East teams is a nice change of pace.

Penn State refocuses on the run game, while Allar and the receivers work to improve on an abysmal day in Columbus. The backups again get plenty of run, but perhaps a bit less than usual, as the starters work a little bit extra to try to clean up some of their mistakes from the OSU loss.

Penn State 35, Indiana 14


I mentioned on the postgame show last week that this could end up being similar to Illinois in 2005, after the demoralizing loss to Michigan. I don’t think there are quite as many fireworks this weekend, but the offense will get it going more than they were able to in Columbus. Meanwhile, the defense continues their stout play despite the absence of Chop Robinson.

Penn State 38, Indiana 3


It’s hard to ask for a better “get right” game for PSU than this Indiana squad, which might be the worst in the Big Ten, with Tom Allen being a dead coach walking (pending IU willing to stomach a $20 million buyout). Perhaps PSU’s offense gets off to a slow-ish start, but the defense does their thing from the get-go, getting a bunch of three and outs with a couple turnovers, perhaps even a touchdown. I’m also feeling a special teams TD or at the very least, a big play on special teams to set up an easier scoring drive.

Penn State 38, Indiana 7

Eli (Originally Appearing in the Big Ten Preview)

The Nittany Lions squandered their opportunity to take control of the Big Ten East, and now they need to hope for three things: 1) That they beat Michigan at home. 2) That Michigan beats Ohio State at the end of the season. 3) That the NCAA and/or the Big Ten don’t dole out punishment banning the Wolverines from the postseason before the championship game tiebreakers are decided. Because, if that happens, Michigan’s ineligibility means the tiebreaker would only be between Ohio State and Penn State, and that puts the Buckeyes in the title game.

Penn State 56, Ohio State 17

Jared (Originally Appearing in the Game Preview)

It’s hard not to imagine a little bit of a hangover after a disappointing loss in such a highly-anticipated game. While this team gives maximum effort each game (and to be clear, a lack of effort was not a problem last week), they are human after all.

Indiana’s defense is capable of getting the offense off track, especially if they come in discombobulated. The Hoosiers are capable of making plays in the backfield, which could easily doom drives if the Nittany Lions are expecting to go methodically drive the length of the field.

I’m expecting a tight first half, but Penn State pulls away after halftime as the defense takes over and the offense can get things moving more easily against a tired Indiana defense.

Penn State 30, Indiana 10