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Penn State 33, Indiana 24: What Twitter Had to Say

That was... uncomfortable.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

A noon kick against a struggling Indiana team doesn’t exactly have “record-breaking crowd” written all over it. Consider that, and the fact that Penn State was coming off of yet another brutal loss to Ohio State, and we had all the makings for a slow start against the Hoosiers Saturday.

The folks at Beaver Stadium didn’t have much to cheer about for the majority of the day. While Penn State’s offense grabbed 17 points in the first half, the Hoosiers found pay dirt twice on massive defensive breakdowns for the Nittany Lions.

After an ugly first half, a strong run game and a pretty touchdown pass to Theo Johnson gave Penn State a ten-point lead to kick off the third quarter, but Indiana found a way to hang around.

The Hoosiers scored another while Yurcich’s offense stumbled around for an hour or so, and Drew Allar’s first pick of the season officially put Indiana right back in it late.

Somehow, someway, Drew Allar and the offense found a way to respond. The sophomore let a deep ball rip to KeAndre Lambert-Smith, and Penn State quickly retook the lead. Penn State Twitter collectively took a sigh of relief, and a Dani-Dennis Sutton-forced safety put the finishing touches on what was a clunker of a win.

A win is a win, ladies and gents. Let the postgame celebration commence.