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Three Takeaways From No. 10 Penn State’s 33-24 Win Over Indiana

Penn State was in a battle, but they came away with the win.

Penn State Nittany Lions running back Nicholas Singleton (10) walks off the field following the game against the Indiana Hoosiers at Beaver Stadium. Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana did just about everything it could to take one away from No. 10 Penn State. The Nittany Lions, coming off a loss against Ohio State, played like a team that was still trying to get over that disappointment. Indiana, on the other hand, played like a team that knows there aren’t many opportunities left to make a bowl game. Here are your takeaways.

1: Hangover

We’ve seen this movie before. Penn State plays a tough game against Ohio State, they lose, and in the very next game, they play uninspired football. That, and playing atrocious ball after the bye, are staples of what Penn STate is under James Franklin, for better or worse. This game was no different. Credit to Indiana, of course, who took the blueprint the Buckeyes put out and used it to perfection. All the pressure they had on Drew Allar made it tough to move the ball through the air. And, while the running backs did well, relatively speaking, each yard was hard earned.

2: They missed Chop

Individually, Dani Dennis-Sutton had a wonderful game. Collectively, the loss of Chop Robinson was felt throughout this game, as the defense played by far its worse ball of the season. Robinson can’t come back soon enough!

3: Screw it, going deep!

Drew Allar, after 301 passes, finally threw an interception. He also threw a 56-yard touchdown on the next drive. Maybe now that the pressure to stay perfect is off, the offense will open up some more.