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Big Ten Superlatives: Week 6

The storylines of the Big Ten season didn’t have a bye week...

Maryland v Ohio State Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images

Best Win of the Week: Your Saturday

Maybe you spent Saturday afternoon scouting Penn State’s upcoming opponents. Maybe you kicked back on Saturday night and enjoyed some good ol’ fashioned chaos. Maybe you spent your own day away from college football doing all kinds of “fall things”. Whatever you chose, you were the real winner. But let’s not do it again, right?

Worst Loss of the Week: Illinois

A second consecutive week here for the Illini. But, things have gone from bad to worse in BERT-Bana. Illinois is now 2-4 and winless in the Big Ten following a dispirited 20-7 loss to Nebraska at home. Bielema himself said it was the most frustrated he’d been in his 15 years as a head coach.

Offensive Player of the Week: Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State

Ohio State’s offense has real issues, which you know will be closely examined over the course of the next couple weeks here at BSD. But, you know what they also have? They have one of the best college wide receivers I’ve ever seen. Harrison had eight catches for 163 yards and a touchdown as the Buckeyes pulled away late against Maryland. He also drew a pass interference penalty. Please, Manny. Make someone else try to beat us.

Defensive Player of the Week: Logan Lee, Iowa

We can all make fun of Iowa. We do it nearly every week. But those gosh darn Hawkeyes are now somehow 5-1 (more on that later) and it’s because of defensive performances like those of Lee. On Saturday against Purdue, he came away with 12 tackles, a pair of sacks, and totaled 2.5 tackles for loss.

Offensive Play of the Week: Daniel Jackson, Minnesota

Michigan thrashed Minnesota on Saturday night, scoring a defensive touchdown just moments into the game. But, we’ll look to the Gophers for one highlight - this sweet touchdown catch that kept the game respectable at halftime.

Defensive Play of the Week: Josh Proctor, Ohio State

Down 10-0 at home, the Buckeyes needed a spark. Proctor gave it to them.

Big Ten Moment of the Week: Michigan pick 6

Here’s that aforementioned Michigan defensive touchdown. We’ll get to the chasm between the Big Ten East’s top tier and everyone else in a moment. But if this doesn’t just show the difference...

Most Big Ten West Moment of the Week: The Stage is Set

Five of the seven teams in the West have at least two conference losses heading into this weekend’s games. The only two that don’t, Wisconsin (2-0) and Iowa (2-1) are set to play the weekend’s most consequential game. The winner of Saturday’s battle in Madison is the clear front runner to lose in Indianpolis on the first weekend of December.

Most Iowa Moment of the Week: Passing Attack Gets Going

The Hawkeyes won behind backup quarterback Deacon Hill, who completed six passes on the day. That’s right, six. More amazingly, five of those went to tight end Erick All. Zero went to wide receivers.

What We Are Looking Forward to the Most: Happy Homecoming

While the longterm forecast doesn’t look delightful, seeing Penn State in the basic blues for the first time in a few weeks will be welcome.