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SWH is Making Farming Puns

I love a good “Dad joke.”

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Indiana v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Here are some of the players to watch on Saturday, according to NBC Sports.

As we all know, more is needed from the receivers.

Frank Bodani gives his prediction for Penn State-Maryland.

The Athletic gives their unfiltered thoughts on Penn State. Personally, I prefer Pat’s Random Thoughts every week.

ICYMI, the Penn State women’s soccer team has rejoined the Power 5 rankings. They face Iowa tonight in the Big Ten conference tournament semifinals at 7:30 on the Big Ten Network.

Meanwhile, the men’s soccer team shared the regular season conference title with Indiana.

Nebraska’s SB Nation site, Corn Nation, looks at the wrestlers in the conference that will make some hay this season. (Get it? Because they farm a lot?)

  • I also would’ve accepted, “wrestlers in the conference that will pop off this season.” Because corn.
  • Will Penn State shuck the competition again?