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Five Penn State Wrestlers Set to Compete in the 2023 Allstar Classic

Carter Starocci & teammates set to compete against some top-notch competition.

Scott Pilutik, Black Shoe Diaries

The 2023 NWCA Allstar Classic is being held in the comfy confines of Recreational Hall, on the campus of the Pennsylvania State University. As such, and given that the Classic attempts to bring together top-ranked matchups every year, several Nittany Lions have agreed to compete.

Shayne Van Ness (149lbs), Carter Starocci (174), Bernie Truax (184), Aaron Brooks (197) and Greg Kerkvliet (285) are all on tap to compete tonight.

The rest of the matchups:

2023 Allstar Classic Matchups

How to Watch:

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(Housekeeping Note: I’m vacationing in Antigua, so apologies for the slow start to blogging season. But I’ve rustled up some extra power to add to Cari’s consistent Duals previewing & Bubba’s reliable pbp in our comments sections. We’ve added Brian Beltz (SWHA), Nathaniel Rasmussen (nerfstate) and Scott Pilutik (tikk) to BSDWrestle’s team for this season. New collabs coming soon).