Film Study - Rebirth of the PSU Wide Zone Run Scheme


See maybe "rebirth" isn't the right phrase. More like "birth." OG viewers of our videos might remember when Yurcich was first hired in Jan 2021 that Codutti did a video of the then-new OC's philosophy and like half the damn video was on Wide Zone/Outside Zone run scheme. And now, almost 3 years later and with Yurcich no longer here, Wide Zone/Outside Zone from Penn State finally looked/performed the way we thought it would look/perform when Yurcich took over. Why all the sudden? Honestly, no clue. Could be opponent? Maybe. But honestly Yurcich tried this WZ/OZ in 2021 (Villanova, woof) and it was a disaster. So who knows. Whatever the reason, Singleton and Allen both appeared more comfortable in this system -- especially out of Pistol where Allar can turn his back to the D, hand-off, get the RB going downhill, instead of having a read at the mesh point in shotgun. Also, stretching things horizontally seemed to aid Singleton's shaky, "work in progress" vision. Awesome to see this...but frustrating, as well, because where the heck was this all year?