Cornucopia of Miscellany

So, Arkansas just hired Bobby Petrino as OC. (Sorry it's an ESPN link). Cue the neck brace gif. But, maybe in the same vein CJF hires BO'B?!? (Yeah, that ain't happenin' - BO'B can't stand CJF). Oh, and the Penn State Trustees Compensation Committee is meeting in the next few days for a "Personnel Matter". The agenda is available on the link. The Trustees have to approve any salaries higher than Neeli's, so maybe CJF's ginormously-salaried new OC is the topic of discussion? Anyway, two isn't really a cornucopia, but maybe we just need a place to discuss the bizarre happenings in the world of cawlidge football, and since ELS hasn't posted a Mailbag, perhaps this FanPost will suffice for a bit. Talk amongst yourselves and create a cornucopia, and if nobody does I'll just delete this puppy!!

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