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BSD Mailbag 11.3.23

Our answers to your questions!

Asking for a friend...Any suggestions on how to get 2 different WRs completely wide open for TD catches of 69+ yds each?

Is it wrong to feel like my offense was anemic when it scored 33 points?—JayMPSU

If I new how to get two different WRs open for such long TD catches, I probably would have written 5k words on it for this here site already.

And I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but I’m right there with you. I’m not sure a game in which my team won, and put up 33 points, was ever as frustrating as that one, and made me so upset. I certainly don’t remember my sister, who sat next to me in Beaver Stadium during the game, ever cursing quite as much during a game as she did during that one.

Illinois 2021 was certainly frustrating, but I don’t know that I came into the 2021 season with quite as high expectations, and Illinois that year was better than Indiana this. And thus, the irritation.

Am I just too curmudgeonly, or does anyone else get super mad when you see a player celebrate a routine play like they just won the big game? Including our own players. I just want to scream into the TV, “That’s your job numbnuts, big deal.”

Ok, carry on.—swift_retribution

For me, it’s almost purely situational.

Times where I will be ok with such a celebration: when it seals a game for a team that’s an underdog, when it sets a record for a player or their team (ie, an all-time receptions record for a school, or a sack record), when it hits a milestone number (like 2k yards in a season), or when it is the first time a player who’s not a heralded starter makes a routine play (like the first tackle in a real game for a career walk on).

Most everything else seems like overkill to me.

my biggest football related pet peeve-

Illegal Formation penalties.

7 plus games into a season and all of those practices and you still can’t figure out how to line up?—kingkub

It’s worse than just 7 plus games into the season, though, because for some of those formation penalties, these players have been playing for over a decade!

Now, in some cases I do get it - because whether a player’s pre-snap location is legal often depends on the positioning of their teammates, and when one player isn’t on the same page as the rest, the penalties pile up.

And now that I’ve typed it out, maybe that doesn’t make it any better...

I get that “we” are unrivaled, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still dislike other football teams. The top five college teams you hate/despise/abhor/loathe the most today? Mine:

1. Ohio State

2. Notre Dame

3. Florida State

4. Alabama

5. Miami–Smee

If you had asked me this question before the first game of the 2021 season, my answer would have been very different than it is right now. My bottom five, in no specific order, are now Michigan, Notre Dame, Iowa, Florida State, and USC.

Now that the Coach Prime and Colorado’s season seems to have been brought back to earth, what do you see Neon Deion’s long term future at CU? Stay long term? Bolt for a better college football position? NFL? Insurance spokesperson?—LarzLion

I don’t think he’ll be there long-term, but Sanders will definitely be employed at Colorado as long as he wants to be. Look at the amount of publicity that the Buffaloes have gotten this year! They haven’t gotten such positive press in twenty years or so - and that’s something only coach prime-like money and hype can supply.

Is there currently an annoying song/jingle/commercial that is stuck in your head? The reason I’m asking is because I will be perfectly fine if I never again hear “aaatttt beee-kayyyy, have it your way....YOU RULE!”. And, apologies if posting this question has caused anyone to get that stuck in their head.—LTFT

I’ve always been a very suggestible person, so I have jingles (and songs, and sometimes quotes) running through my head at all times, based on what I’ve recently heard. Nowadays, though, one that gets stuck in my head nearly every time I watch live television is the Liberty Mutual insurance once (LiMu Emu...and Doug).

A hurricane hits your hometown. Everyone survives, but most buildings are destroyed. Your home is barely livable. Electricity and cell service are out. Driving is impossible as the roads are a mess. The WalMart down the road is laid bare. There are no repercussions for just taking what you want because there are no cops and everyone is doing it, but you can only take what you can carry (or put in a cart). Do you grab stuff, and if so, what do you take?—Smee

Assuming that part of my home being barely livable is a distinct lack of food and water, I’d grab as many non-perishables as I can. I also would try to grab a generator if possible, though I likely wouldn’t be able to charge it at that moment, and/or any available propane.

Of the three major national brands of lollipops which is your favorite. The lollipops in question are Dum Dums, Blow Pops, and Tootsie Roll Pops?—Gerry Dincher

It’s Tootsie Roll Pops, and it’s not close for me. Chocolate is basically my favorite, and the combination of a lollipop’s hard candy and the chewiness of the Tootsie Roll is a winning combination.

I’d never eat a Blow Pop unless there’s a distinct dearth of other candy, and there are just a few Dum Dums (root beer being tops) that I’d actually spend time on.

Where did you get the best crabcake you ever had?—PascalsDog

I’ve never been super into crab cakes, even though I grew up in Maryland; I prefer picking crabs themselves or crabs legs. I do have some standards, though, so if I am going to eat a crab cake, it has to be somewhere in my home state; it takes a really special situation or restaurant to get me to eat seafood in the midwest (or in PA).

In light of Mathew Perry’s tragic passing, I’ve been thinking about the greatest sitcoms of, let’s say, the past 30 years. Which ones would be on your list? Certainly Friends, Seinfeld, and The Office make the final ballot, but are there any others you would throw in? Some criteria to use would be longevity, cultural/generational impact, and how the show launched the careers of the actors/actresses involved.—NittanyLifer

Friends was only ever just ok to me, and I’ve never been a Seinfeld fan. I did love the Office, but it paled in comparison to season two - forward of Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock. I also really got into New Girl after it went off air (I’m a sucker for a slow-burn romance over the course of a tv show) and, more recently, really enjoyed the Good Place (ok, I clearly love Michael Schur’s style).

Right now, my favorite sitcom on air is What We Do In the Shadows. It’s also the only sitcom I currently watch but that doesn’t mean it’s any less hilarious and well-acted.

RIP, Matty Perry

Name a sports sitcom that’s more motivational than Shoresy? Ted Lasso is great with his folksy wisdom out of place in a foreign country, and it’s impossible not to love Thad in Blue Mountain State, but outside of those there just aren’t many really good sport sitcoms that are also inspiring. And Jared Keeso’s twisted Canadian humor really gets me.—PSUinOK

I have literally never heard of Shoresy. I never watched Ted Lasso, though I’ve been told I’d enjoy it. I tend to steer away from sports shows, as I end up nitpicking so much of what happens as it’s rarely sports-realistic.

One exception was the old BBC show Footballers, which in no realm was even attempting to actually be realistic.

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