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SWH is Feeling Multiple Emotions

Several different sports are featured this week.

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NCAA Basketball: ESPN Events Invitational Seventh Place- Penn State at VCU Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The Athletic looks at how the performance of Penn State football’s first-year players might give everyone a glimpse into the future.

  • The secondary appears to be in good shape, as does linebacker and defensive end.
  • I’m also glad they preserved the redshirts of the offensive linemen.

We know that the Peach Bowl wants Penn State, but Oklahoma State, Iowa, and Alabama could disrupt that...Go chalk, go! (Then again, I love chaos.)

ICYMI, Penn State has the conference’s best lineman.

Here’s a preview of Penn State wrestling’s dual meet with Lehigh.

Mike Rhoades wants everyone to be angry. We are, at the very least, disappointed and discouraged, Mike.

Finally, women’s soccer earns accolades.