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Report: Penn State Hiring Kansas Offensive Coordinator Andy Kotelnicki

Penn State’s NEEEEEEEEEWWWWW offensive coordinator!

Rumors swirled on Twitter earlier this week due to some State College-to-Lawrence flight tracking, and it appears they had some validity as Penn State is set to hire Kansas offensive coordinator Andy Kotelnicki, according to a report from Bruce Feldman.

Here’s what we wrote about Kotelnicki for our offensive coordinator hot board a few weeks back:

Lance Leipold’s right hand man dating back to his days at Wisconsin-Whitewater, Kotelnicki deserves a ton of credit for the work he’s done in helping turn around the Kansas program. The Jayhawks were routinely finishing dead last in the Big 12 in offense throughout the 2010s, but now sport one of the more innovative RPO offenses in the country. The proof is in the pudding, with Kansas set to have back-to-back seasons of averaging over 30 PPG for the first time since the Mark Mangino era.

Simply put, Kotelnicki has put together really good offenses at every single stop. Whether it was Wisconsin-Whitewater in DIII, Buffalo in the MAC, or Kansas in the Big 12 — Kotelnicki schemed and game planned ways to get the most out of his offenses, even when there was a talent gap compared to who they were playing.

We’ll have more on Kotelnicki in the coming days as we take a closer in depth look at his offense, but the basics to know right now:

  • Balanced attack for the most part, but definitely in favor of running the ball.
  • Expect a lot of pre-snap motion.
  • RPO will be here to stay. Lots of work out of pistol.