Michigan Cheating Open Thread Vol. 2; Do you believe in Santa?

This whole saga takes a new twist and turn almost every day, now we have Michigan claiming Ohio State and Rutgers stole their signs and shared them with Purdue ahead of the B1G Championship Game last year. But maybe the biggest news so far was Monday, when the Big Ten officially notified the University of Michigan that they may receive disciplinary action (key word "may"). This comes after B1G Commissioner Tony Petiti met with University of Michigan President Santa Ono (yes, that's his name) last Friday to discuss the ongoing scandal. Prior to that meeting, Ono emailed Petiti and shared that email with the rest of the conference (and the world).

While there are still so many questions to answer with this whole drama, some of which we will probably never get answers to, there is at least one particular thing that is now crystal clear.

Q: Just how big a self-righteous, arrogant prick do you have to be to lead a University full of self-righteous, arrogant pricks?

A: This big

"We are aware that other representatives of the Big10 are demanding that you take action now, before any meaningful investigation and full consideration of all the evidence," Ono wrote. "That is not something our conference rules permit. And we both know it is not what any other member would want if allegations were raised against their people or programs.

"The Big10 has not informed us of any investigation of its own, as would be required under conference rules. And, to be clear, oral updates from NCAA enforcement staff do not and cannot constitute evidence, nor do we think the NCAA would ever intend for an oral update to be given that meaning or weight."

In other words, "AKSHULLY, Big Ten, you can't punish us, so pin a rose on your nose"


The only thing I love more than a crisp chardonnay is the resplendent bouquet of my own flatulence.

Now, I'm not sure that's the track I would take when up against a conference commissioner who might have some narrow powers under the "regular discipline" rules, but seems to have very broad power under the "sportsmanship" clause - but hey Santa, you do you buddy.

Who knows where this all goes, but I'm glad y'all are along for the ride!

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