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SWH is Ready for a Show

Portal updates, the best Blue Band performances, a beer fit for the Peach Bowl, ranking the best-ever at Linebacker U. and much more!

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 01 Appalachian State at Penn State

Let’s Go Bowling Bowl games begin on Saturday, so plan ahead on which games are worth your time during the next few weeks.

Blue Band’s Greatest Hits Onward State ranks each of the seven halftime performances by the Blue Band this season.

Big Red Surprise Could Nebraska be in the process of poaching a five-star quarterback away from Georgia? What year is this??

Peachy If you’re OK with fruit in your beer, you can stock up on some peach beer to enjoy as you watch the Peach Bowl.

Heat Seeking Missles Victory Bell Rings attempts the impossible — selecing the 10 best Penn State linebackers who define Linebacker U.

New Faces, New Places The SEC released its updated 2024 schedules as Texas and Oklahoma prepare to join the conference. Texas will not be playing Alabama for the third season in a row, but will be hosting Georgia the week after its Red River Shootout with Oklahoma. They will also take a trip to Michigan in week two in the most anticipated non-conference game of the year. Oklahoma’s welcome gift to the SEC is closing the regular against Alabama and LSU in back-to-back weeks.

Portal Updates Feeling overwhelmed by the flood of college football news that’s taken over the month of December? Here’s a quick guide to what’s been happening in the portal and what moves may be on the way.