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BSD’s Festivus Airing of the Grievances 2023

Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

Seinfeld Photo by Michael Yarish/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

It’s one of our favorite times of the year at BSD, with our annual airing of the grievances in honor of Festivus. For those of you who are not familiar with this classic Seinfeld-inspired holiday, check out the video above. Per usual, a few of us on the staff had some problems with you people...and now you’re gonna hear about them! Feel free to air out your grievances as well, in the comments


People who scream for James Franklin to be fired after every loss (I’ll also go ahead and lump in Buckeye fans who scream for Ryan Day’s head after losing to Michigan, while I’m at it).

Look, those losses to Ohio State and Michigan were downright frustrating, especially considering the manner in which they happened, but do you really think any Athletic Director worth their own salt is going to fire a coach who routinely wins 10-11 games in a season? No self-respecting coach would even consider a job where you can still get canned despite winning that many games (barring a scandal), and the program would nose-dive like Nebraska did after their AD made such a foolish move 20 years ago. Lay off the bath salts and get a clue!



What’s the deal with nicknames? It’s not Meatchicken. It’s Michigan. It’s not anO$U. It’s OSU. Use their names, people, it’s not that hard. Using nicknames just sounds childish. Are you a child? Because you sound like one when I hear “Suckeyes” or “Skunkbears.” Stop it. Get some help.

Even worse, though, are people that use nicknames against Penn State. I don’t mean fans of other teams, I mean “fans” of Penn State coming out with Big Game James, Fraudlin, Snake Oil Salesman, etc. There are trained and licensed professionals who can help you with whatever is ailing you - I strongly encourage you to seek medical attention so you can get over whatever is causing you to think those nicknames are helpful, or - heaven forbid - funny. They are neither, and you out yourself as a child throwing a temper tantrum every time you post them.


Aisle seats.

It’s gotten to the point that I prefer to be crammed back end of the row when I make a trip to Beaver Stadium these days. That way, I’m not standing up to let someone through while they block my view of yet another play as they saunter out of the row for the fourth time since kickoff, and there’s still 10:00 remaining until halftime. I get that nature might be calling or your stomach is growling its request of a soft pretzel and hot dog, but where are people going that requires multiple trips up and down the row, making 18 people continually stand up and sit back down?

If you’re going to put the money into a ticket and the effort of making the trip to Happy Valley, sit back and enjoy the game. Be aware of the down and distance, the play clock, the communication between offensive linemen on the sideline, and how much bigger Vega Ioane actually is in person. Be one with the game. Just sit and enjoy it, all the best stuff is in front of you in your seat.

Stop getting up and blocking my view, people!!

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