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MMPSUer - How Would You Allocate Championships?

Hypothetically speaking, of course

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

Deep into the off season doldrums, MMQB is sitting here and wondering: if you could allocate 10 national championships across all of Penn State sports over the rest of your lifetime, how would you do it?

I’m already going to tweak this question a smidge, because I’m going to exclude wrestling from this question. Not because I don’t think they’ll win any more championships, but I think that wrestling could account for the vast majority of 10 championships over the next ~50 years of my life.

So, assume that wrestling keeps on doing it’s thing, and you’re left with all of the other sports at Penn State. How do you split up 10 championships? Which teams get them? How often would a team win one? In bunches, or spread out evenly?

Here’s how I would break it down:

  • Football - 4
  • Basketball - 2
  • Hockey - 2
  • Men’s volleyball - 1
  • Women’s volleyball - 1

Yes, I realize when looking at a 50-year span, that doesn’t seem like very many. But hey, that’s what makes this an interesting question (he said to himself, the person who first proposed the question)!

Football will always be #1 for me, but the Lions haven’t won a title since the year I was born. I’ve gone 36 years without a chip, so if we split it up more or less once a decade from here on out, I’d be pretty happy with that. It goes without saying that the Lions would of course never miss a NY6 game again, and OSU would eventually shutter its program, but yeah once every 10 years or so sounds good to me.

Basketball and hockey are both on the second tier of sports for me, so I think each of them winning a couple would be nice. If you made me choose one over the other I’d probably go with hockey, but really, give me one of those on that same once-every-10-year cycle, though maybe placed in between football nattys, and I’d be pleased.

Then lastly, one each for the volleyball teams. Volleyball is in the third tier for me, just above sports like soccer and lacrosse. Please note that I’m actually a soccer player, but I enjoyed PSU volleyball a bit more than soccer.

What do you think? I mean, ideally every team would win multiple championships between now and whenever I kick the bucket, but if you had to be really stingy with them, how would you split them up?