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Nebraska 72, Penn State 63: Can’t Spell “Nittany” Without N-I-T

Well, it’s Groundhog Day. Again....

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, do you know what a team that’s serious about making the NCAA Tournament does? They go into a must-win game against a shorthanded Nebraska team that was helping Minnesota bring up the rear of the Big Ten standings and absolutely choke on applesauce.

Frankly, I’m too pissed to write a normal recap of this game. Plus, I missed the first half since I was out with friends learning how to axe throw. Fitting, huh? I sure wouldn’t mind having an axe by side to chuck at my TV right about now. How many times did they let Nebraska’s Keisei Tominaga get easy backdoor cuts for a layup (when Tominaga wasn’t busy nailing treys to the tune of 32 points)? How many times did they get the deficit down to 3-4 points, only to shit the bed defensively? How many fucking times have we seen a PSU team with NCAA Tournament hopes lay an egg like this in a game they absolutely, positively, needed?

Honestly, I’m out of words. I’m out of words to describe just how frustrating it is to once again see a rare, promising, season go south like this. It all feels very Sisyphean at this point.

Player of the Game - Seth Lundy

If I told you Seth Lundy would nail eight threes, you would probably think PSU would win the game, no? His 24 points made him one of three Nittany Lions who reached double figures in scoring (Jalen Pickett and Andrew Funk had 15 and 14, respectively).

Up Next

Penn State (14-9, 5-7) goes home for a rematch with Wisconsin this coming Wednesday. Tipoff (if you’re a sadist) will be at 8:30 PM EST on BTN.