NCAA Wrestling Reminder

If you're new to wrestling, this is a disclaimer. If you've followed for years, this is a reminder.


There will be rounds where you think we're going to win every match for the rest of the tournament. There will be rounds where you think the wheels are falling off.

Relax and just enjoy the ride. Surprises happen, hearts get broken. Returning champs lose, top seeds get upset, All American James English makes All American. There's no way to know what any wrestler is dealing with at this point in the season.

We've gone 5-for-5 in the finals, we've also had 2x champs lose. It's what makes this tournament so fun and entertaining.

And for anyone new, don't get caught up in potential points remaining. That factors in a lot of bonus points, which are hard to come by at this level of competition. If Penn State is in the lead and they have wrestlers active, we're in good shape. So just keep calm and trust in Cael.

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