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Wrestling Nationals Session 1 Recap & Session 2 Preview

Session 1 saw Penn State take the lead; can they hold it or extend it during Session 2?

Will RBY add to the PSU Bonus barrage in Round 2?
Scott Pilutik, Black Shoe Diaries

In Round 1 of the 2023 Nationals, Penn State went 8-1, with four of those wins via Bonus Points that consisted of 2 Major Decisions and 3 Pins and resulted in 8 Bonus Points for the team. Added to the 8 Advancement Points earned from each Round 1 win, Penn State’s 16 total team points led the nation:

via Penn State Wrestling Club

Penn State’s Round 1 Results

This is a fun new page on the PSWC’s already-awesome site: detailed bout scoring:

via Penn State Wrestling Club

Penn State Round 2 Matchups

via BubbaPage23Nationals

By seed, SVN, Facundo & Dean are projected to lose this round; what are you picking?

Schedule + How to Watch

2023 Wrestling Nationals Schedule

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